Owning Our Strength

February 9, 2018

I see many friends writing about vulnerability in the last year especially. Probably my selective perception (or my social media algorithms for that matter). I want to write about strength. The invincible, unbreakable, world-shattering strength in femininity.

Owning our Strength

On a mundane level of worldly affairs; we women as the manifestation of the feminine energy do suffer from pressure of doing it all and doing it best, disadvantages in professional setting, being feared and supressed because of our nature time and again.

From a higher perspective though the essence of feminine is power; there is no way of hiding from it. There is power in the physical and energetic bodies, scientifically proven to be more resistant to pain and capable of the epitome of creation. From neurological standpoint women have more connection with and awareness of their emotions. This may create a lot of turmoil in daily affairs, become overwhelming at times for both ourselves and our beloveds. However, it also gives the colour to our loves and makes the body-mind connection relatively stronger in a woman. The power of a women`s mind can make or break worlds as history proved again and again.

This strength is not about muscles, leadership skills or material power. Every single woman has her own unique form and expression of her inner strength. As much as I welcome being authentic with our vulnerabilities we can be trapped in the role of a victim by now owning our strength at the same time.

I was always labelled as the 'strong' one. Whenever there is a circle of sharing, among the first thing people would praise (or criticize!) about me was my strength! I have a very beautifully developed mask of the strong woman. For many years I suffered from that mask as I thought people were harsher to me than they would be to a more 'vulnerable' woman, or I would intimidate them very easily without being aware of what is really causing these reactions. So, there was a time that I hated being 'the strong one'. Until I embraced all the suffering I hid under that mask. I am stepping slowly into my authentic strength letting go of the manufactured one I wish you all a rich life where your true colours and power shine like a star.

So I invite you all to ask yourself where your strength lies and how you express it in life. Please feel free to share your experiences and insights in the comments section or my facebook page.

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