Unblock the knot in the throat - Yoga program for hypothyroidism

This yoga program has been an integral part of my daily routine for the last 3 months. I am focusing my practice on vishudda chakra (throat chakra) and very happy to share these moments of intimacy with you on my Yoga Therapy Pill platform. Its effects have been extraordinary.

First let me put things into perspective; did you know that one woman out of eight develops a thyroid problem during her lifetime? Less in men but still a serious health threat for men as well. This free online yoga program not only addresses the thyroid glands and your hormonal balance but also helps to improve your expression. It will give more strength, truthfulness and harmony to your vocal expression and help you reach refined levels of artistic creativity. I have also included an adapted version with props for friends with physical limitations or as a yoga for seniors mini-program. 

You can also adapt it to your needs; the way I perform would be suitable for hypothyroidism. Keeping it more gentle with long exhalations and a slower-paced routine would be a good adaptation for hyperthyroidism. 

Now coming to how it affected my life especially during this period of isolation; Vishudda practice very much favours the princess in ivory tower mood. So, I resided happily in my personal cave while my energy level was super high. I didn't even feel like immersing into zoom calls and whatsapp chats. I simply enjoyed being in my own space. 

There is a constant and harmonious will to create and learn. A lot of procrastinated projects were swept off the table; within 2 months I finalized my new website, launched my youtube channel, created an online 200hr Meditation and Yoga TTC curriculum and launched it together with our amazing Samyama team; now working on its second edition and new online retreat packages to be offered as continuing education for yoga teachers and/or anyone who would like to enjoy a lovely retreat at home. 

The practice gave me a lot of clarity on what to put my mental and emotional energy in and what to let go. Vishudda serves as the bridge between the material world and the realms beyond. When this bridge is clean and clear, our acts in life are also more aligned with our Self; with our centre.

There is still a lot to explore around this level of consciousness; I feel like I am at a turning point where I need to dig a little deeper. Perfect timing to share this with you all and create a new momentum for the last round of my dedicated practice.

Hope you will enjoy it as much as I do.

After 2 months of very introverted work and practice-oriented time, my feminine energy stepped in, pushed the breaks and reached out for connection. I had very profound exchanges with some beloved friends who are part of my spiritual family. 

Masters say that if we find ourselves in a deep spiritual quest together with some people; whether we are fond of them or not; we belong to a family. You may meet replicas of `your favourite aunt` or your `annoying cousin` there. Still these people in a way teach you how to love; how to let go of likes/dislikes and instead choose solidarity, support, authenticity and union; the latter being the definition of yoga. 

Bringing the morals and ethics of yoga (yamas and niyamas), putting time and effort into observing the fluctuations of the mind, going into deep inquiries about self ultimately start cultivating less reactivity and more acceptance. Or not. 😊 This is the journey. 

We dedicated this week of our 200hr Online Meditation and Yoga Teacher Training Course to service and connection; offering the fruits of our time and energy to the well-being of everyone using a special protection mantra against Covid-19 from Shivoham Tantra lineage. A beloved student`s words I shared above inspired me to express gratitude to my huge spiritual family all over the world. 

`In a situation where I felt I had no say, it is overwhelmingly powerful to feel like I am part of a strong positive spiritual group expressing healing.`

- Mags, MYTTC student from US

If you would like to join ours at Samyama Mindfulness Meditation Centre, our next Online Teacher Training Course accredited by Yoga Alliance starts on 25th of May. Our holistic approach offers yoga for beginners and depth for advanced practitioners. Drop a line for more details and have a peak into one demo class on my Yoga Therapy Pill platform. 

Sending you love and healing blessings.

“I've learned more about yoga in the first day of this course than I have in all the classes I have attended! This is exactly what I was looking for, thanks!”

- Tawny 

“I love how absolutely unique each style is. How each style can relate to everyone. Or even to oneself at different points. I love that you can seek truth and share that. Being able to guide and help people to be who they are is so inspiring! It’s endless. So beautiful.”

- Margaret 

“Wow, what a journey! I've opened a door to another level of consciousness.”

- Chris

These are the reactions of our Online Meditation and Yoga Teacher Training participants. 

We are working with a wonderful group of dedicated yogi/nis experiencing these surreal times in the depths of yogic philosophy and practice. 

We had all kinds of doubts before going into an online yoga course. How will the transmission be? How will we produce that many yoga videos? How effective can it be without hands-on guidance? 

It turns out; we needed to change our perspective and stop comparing it to the live experience. Online teaching has its own context, benefits and challenges.

I have a little TEASER CLASS for you to get a taste of a longer practice on the heart. It is not possible to present all the many components we have but at least you get to practice a longer class with us on my Yoga Therapy Pill platform.

What I observed in our group now that we are half-way:

The course became an anchor to keep their aspirations and energy high. We talk, think and do yoga and that has a tremendous effect on our morale. 

Our participants practice yoga at home and directly integrate it into their lives. There is no transition required anymore after having a deep yoga retreat experience and then facing the challenge of bringing it home. 

Our curriculum starts with yoga and meditation techniques for beginners and builds up gradually to more advanced practices. We already happen to have an amazing group with a solid yoga background this round but still this approach helps people to stay on the same page. 

One-to-one mentoring, all the amazing communication platforms and live gatherings preserve a bond in the group that is just right. People are genuinely supporting each other without any drama. 

Everyone is getting the experience already to produce videos and live classes which seems to be an asset in these times. 

If you would like to turn your time at home into gold; hop in to the next round starting on May 25th for a special price of 1000 USD if you book until 18th of May.

Our 200hr Meditation and Yoga Teacher Training Course will provide you with the tools necessary to develop your own personal practice or to step into your calling as a teacher and guide with the required teaching skills. We will explore yoga history and philosophy, anatomy, alignment, kriya techniques, Ayurveda, yogic lifestyle and more while tapping into the expansiveness of the practices. You will learn countless asana, pranayama, concentration and meditation techniques, tap into the spiritual heart meditation and explore the rich world of classical tantra.

Feel free to contact me for any questions you may have.

These days have been more trying.

My single reference point is the online Teacher Training Course that we are offering with our amazing Samyama team. I never thought that it could be such an effective work. The main obstacle people usually face after yoga courses and retreats is to develop a self-practice back home. Now our participants start exactly from there and everything is experienced in the reality of their lives rather than a vacuum. 

So that part is great but the rest of life seems a little more limiting and stagnant than usual. 

I need to adapt.

My go-to now is pranayama. Breath exercises became more and more important part of my daily routine. I need space so I create that space within.

In yoga, breath is considered as the vessel that carries life energy; prana. Besides the obvious effects of nourishing the body with oxygen; there is the subtle dimension of shuffling the bliss molecules we have in our entire body.

Our daily breath is usually pretty inefficient especially if we are superficial chest-breathers. It may be difficult to spot small but quite harmful habits in our breathing pattern if we don't pay attention. Our breath also changes according to the situations in life, our state of emotions and thoughts. This relation works both ways; when we change the breathing pattern, we can also influence the quality of our mind. 

A specialised yoga program can improve your lung capacity significantly. As our breathing goes deeper and more relaxed our mental faculties, nourishment of our organs and therefore our overall health improves. Studies on people with asthma, copd, bronchitis and emphysema prove how efficient a regular practice of a few weeks can be. 

During my private retreats, I consider noticing and improving breathing patterns is the biggest achievement for improving life quality.

On my youtube yoga therapy platform Yoga Therapy Pill, I offer a simple sequence of asanas and breathing exercises to create space and strength in the lungs. These free yoga videos cover little tips and tricks that can shift your practice and quality of life. 

If you are in an acute breathing constriction please take it easy or use the version with props which is simplified with chair yoga practices. The latter can also be a nice yoga for seniors.

We all need to breathe these days; keeping our lungs and our energy strong. 

Sending you love.

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