How to Prevent Heart Conditions

Centering in the heart.

It is an expression we yoga teachers tend to use a lot in our classes.

What does that truly mean though?

No matter what age, gender, character, race we are when we talk about Self we point to the heart.

Scientists wanted to experiment on the effects of meditation on Buddhist monks and they started wiring their heads. The monks started laughing. Scientists thought that the monks found the devices funny but in fact they just looked down on the idea of measuring the reactions in the brain when all is happening in fact in the heart; the seed of the soul.

Heart conditions are the number one cause of fatalities by a scary stat of 15.5% in an increasing trend.

It seems we have started living a life further and further away from the seed of the soul; from where it all happens, foreign to the Self.

This yoga program aims to keep your heart healthy and prevent any cardiovascular problems. It is great for low blood pressure. Please note that for friends who have experienced cardiovascular problems I will offer another sequence in near future. For now, just practice the final breathing technique/meditation. This practice is suitable for all levels and there is also a version with adaptations using props for friends with physical limitations.

I invite you all to take a minute of silence every now and then; just feeling your heart. You don't need a special technique or a philosophical context. Whenever it all gets “too much“ just listen to the heart without any judgement or expectation. Letting go of the thoughts for a while and reconnecting. See how that feels.

Much love

Yep, life sucks sometimes. 

Last full moon I had a full drama around work and matters of life. The final drop was a conflict with my sister whom I barely get to see with so many continents in between. Every moment is precious and there is the pressure of it. We still managed to get on each other's nerves just like that night.

We set in silence throughout our salads as the alternative could be worse. 

I excused myself to the room for some deeper silence. First not knowing what to do I found myself taking out my asan (meditation blanket) and sat for half an hour alone with my mantra. 

I may as well have lashed out and turned our precious little vacation into a nightmare; watched a stupid show bringing my overall vibe even further down or many other alternative scenarios are there. 

Instead, we had a beautiful talk from the heart and went into its deepest corners right after my 30 min in silence alone. 

The very ability to stop when feeling a `sting` in the heart and choose a constructive path instead of coming from a reactionary place is a blessing of a simple practice: mindfulness. 

It takes some `work-out` and perseverance for a period of time; even if it is 10 min a day. But easier done than said. 😉

I would like to share a little introduction to this beautiful practice with you on my Yoga Therapy Pill platform. It consists of a little warm up to prepare for a short meditation and calm down your mind followed by a guided mindfulness meditation. You will find it very useful in dealing with ambiguities of life that may get overwhelming for all of us these days. Suitable for beginners.

For the ones who like their guidance more hands-on; there is a short window of opportunity to book a live private retreat with me at the turquoise Mediterranean coast of Antalya until the 15th of October. Drop a line for more info.

If you are hesitant to travel, VIBRANCE ONLINE WELLNESS RETREAT is on its way! Soon you will have an excellent tool to bring some freshness and a new perspective to your life through Yoga, Meditation & Ayurveda practices and discourses. 

Wishing you deep peace and love.

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