Tantric Way of Dealing with Frustration

November 27, 2020

I am very captivated with tantra; particularly my work with the mahavidyas these days. We are still in the after-haze of the magnificent Kamalatmika Workshop and I couldn't help myself to start with Kali preparations already. 

This time it is not about sweetness and light but embracing anger and frustration. 

Before I get there; let me stay with sweetness and light for one more moment as it is also a happy time to find a good present for your loved ones

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Preparing for mooning myself, the best yoga therapy pill for me to share right now is Yoga for Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS), a yoga program that will help alleviate unpleasant symptoms such as fatigue, emotional instability, heaviness, cravings and pain. 

Now getting back to my own PMS fun…

I felt very triggered by a recent conflict. Although nothing big and possibly aggravated due to the pandemic background to all the stories we are going through these days, it touched me and invited me to look into some pain points from the past related to bullying, abuse of power and feeling pushed out. When subjected to such behaviour, one can feel very desperate and helpless. When it is somehow ‘reminded’ slightly in another encounter, one can fall into the same pit totally irrationally. I have been there; hence the trigger.  

On the other hand, I also had to look at my vanity; the constant need for doing it `right`, feeling shocked, guilty and shameful when it is not the case. 

I am using strong words for a minor incident that obviously happened for some lessons to be learned. Though pain points usually have some very strong emotions buried under and somehow eased by time and carefully hidden behind some politically correct masks.

The first piece I started studying about Kali came with its own answers. Inviting me to own my anger; even violence that is hidden in the layers of my being instead of pushing it down as a socially unacceptable emotion. Kali, the queen of time stepped in right now and asked me to embrace it all so that love can find space to enter. 

A little bit of the tantra magic to brighten up the mundane experiences and gain some cosmic support to deal with the challenges… Some strong meditation and practices are waiting for you in the upcoming Kali Module of the Mahavidya Program to be released on 12-14 December, 2020

Stay tuned!

Today is Diwali; a day dedicated to gratitude.

Gratitude for the abundance, harmony and beauty that is granted to us by nature.

Gratitude to the sun as the cosmic giver of light.

Gratitude to all the love and support we receive in our lives. 

Even at moments of suffering, the light of gratitude is a form of celebration of everything we take for granted. 

And to say as a movie I once watched goes `Happy, thank you, more please`.

The abundance and beauty of manifestation is venerated by many cultures under different names; in tantrism and hindu culture we have the Goddess Lakshmi; otherwise known as Kamalatmika representing that particular face of the Divine. 

I have just released an Online Workshop on Kamalatmika consisting of numerous ways of connecting with this energy from the most ritualistic to the metaphysical and brainy. Discourses, different methods of meditation, quotes, stories, visuals, exercises… You are more than welcome to join it any time now that the content stays evergreen. 

I would like to share a Yoga Program inspired by Kamalatmika energy on this occasion on Yoga Therapy Pill platform. This practice is not about a particular issue of wellness but invites abundance, harmony and beauty into your life. It may inspire you to a different approach to yoga practice; integrating the physical experience with emotional contemplation and pure witness consciousness. 

If you would like to celebrate DIWALI in your own way, celebrate Lakshmi at 3pm UTC by offering candle lights in front of your house and/or office. 

For all the ladies who are reading this newsletter; do yourself a favour and sign up to the Sublime Women Summit on 16-20th November for free! Some amazing women came together to share their valuable gems with you. 

May this auspicious day bring love and joy to you!

It has been a tough week with the world outside on fire while I am transitioning from summer to spring, from nature to city, from communal life to solitude, from infatuation to self-reflection. 

How much of feeling into the collective pain, how much of emotional hygiene to stay on track was the dilemma.

Then a simple post from a dear friend inviting us all to rise and shine; trusting that `Lord Ganesha will take care of it all` with a fabulous craft work of an elephant face put a smile on my face.

It invited me to welcome the spirit of this month in fact. Mother Lakshmi; the Goddess Kamalatmika of abundance and prosperity is celebrated soon during Diwali; the festival of lights. 

Like many such festivals; there is a demon; Narakasura involved, slain by the `light`; Vishnu the preserver. It is not about a story about some mythological character but our inner demons of fear, despair, gluttony, anger or dullness. Diwali is a reminder that we are supported by the light inside to slay them all while the sunlight outside as the cosmic giver of energy shines on everyone.

A festival is a reminder to get together for a benign purpose serving us all. A sadhana; a meditation practice associated with such a cause has exponential effects. We are stronger together. During Diwali festival between 12th-17th of November, we will call in Kamalatmika for prosperity, health and whatever form of light we need in our lives right now. Above all, we will have the chance to offer our gratitude for all the blessings we have been granted in our lives.

I simply had to launch the Mahavidya Program with a workshop on Kamalatmika during Diwali to express my gratitude to this work that moved me to my core. This workshop contains discourses, personal experiences, self-reflection exercises, meditation and ritual practices and a lot more that will initiate you to communion with the goddess of abundance, prosperity and delight. Once the seed is planted it keeps flowering in your being as you will also experience during this work.

You are welcome to join in the live component on 12-14th of November during this Diwali festival to get a combusted live mantra initiation. Otherwise you will have access to the evergreen content when it is convenient for you after the release date. Here a little freebie for you; my introductory discourse to Classical Tantra. 

Upon the invite of my dear friend Leen I shared a talk on this very topic of Mahavidya`s for the Sublime Woman Summit. Check out this fantastic free offering during 16th-20th of November!

Last but not least; drop a line if you would like to join the free mantra meditation for Diwali between 12-17th of November!

Wishing you love, light and joy. Everything is going to be ok. Let`s breath and take one step at a time in this spirit of celebration. 

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