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January 26, 2021

It took me a great deal of effort and inner work to appreciate myself.

As any other human being, I have my gifts and talents and how I relate to them is to a large extent programmed in my early years. I have been strongly shaped by parent/teacher centred learning where the knowledge and instructions of the giver is assumed to be superior to whatever the recipient, the topic or the setting have to offer. This kind of authoritarian sharing inevitably creates an internalised sense of hierarchy. 

A gift is worthy if it can be assessed for its value, compared with others and acknowledged as such.

A gift can equally be thrown into garbage otherwise. Like how I did with my graphomania. One day a German teacher at my high school criticised my essay as `emotional` which is not a compliment among an academic staff influenced by the enlightenment movement in Europe worshipping reason above all. Impressionable as I was, I quit writing altogether. 

My inner sense of hierarchy had no tolerance for weakness. Let's stay with what I appear to excel at!

Then the urge to write woke up after an intensive retreat on the roots of our ego. I still needed encouragement though and it came from a friend who was mentoring aspiring authors. He perceived my `emotional` writing as a `rich and authentic way of expressing my inner world` and convinced me that individual stories matter even on topics great words have been uttered about.

While saving the butchered parts, we also need to embrace new gifts that sprouted due to the slightly distorted formation though. 

It is ingrained in me to respect and appreciate `knowledge`. 

I am not an authority in spirituality. 

Still, I share effectively what worked for me, inspired me, brought more wellness, contentment and authenticity into my life during my retreats and courses.

Now, I am looking forward to sharing FOR FREE the ever-evolving synthesis of my committed study and practice with you in a simple, accessible and above all humble way. 

First step in that direction will be INSTA-LIVE sessions. (Instagram:

Wednesdays 1pm UTC; I will have short talks on weekly announced topics, mostly followed up by a short meditation or practice related to the topic. If you catch me live, I will also react to questions and comments. Sessions will remain on IGTV if you miss the time. 

These teasers will soon be followed up by slightly more elaborate podcasts but that is news for another time. 

Stay tuned!

We need more efficient tools and ways to get where we want. 

Whether it is professional success, physical health or spiritual evolution. There is no time to waste. 

Life is in constant motion and globally we are at yet another transition.

Our gifts and talents need to sparkle and find their perfect outlet. Our suffering parts need to be seen, accepted and set free. 

It is not a blind search for happiness; rather a collective and mature need for compassion to deal with pain, fear, anxiety and loss within and around us.

Let`s invoke Tara; the Goddess of Compassion and Wisdom during the next online module of my Mahavidya Program to be released on 16th-18th of January. A rich content with profound discourses, different forms of guided meditation, rituals and exercises await.  

The reason why I find the work with Goddess archetypes so fascinating is their swift and direct effect in addressing our problems in life and beyond. They just bring out your very own being in its most luminous state. That luminosity; the inner wisdom works like a charm; either by changing your perspective to life situations or directly your resonance so that you attract different experiences altogether. 

As many archetypes as many psyches. 

We all have a different matrix; there are particular things in life that make us tick. I cannot forget a deep conversation I had with a close friend of mine. He is one of the most intellectual persons I met. His brain is like a trivia paradise. A law degree under his belt, his field of interest was so vast that he worked at one of the most prestigious science magazines learning all kinds of nerdy stuff, mastered many western philosophers and dipped his toes into anthropology. His mind is constantly looking for new things to learn. 

Tantric philosophy was a new thing for him to learn. After just a short conversation about these archetypes I told him that he resonated very much with the Goddess Tara with his eternal curiosity. He turned to me and said that I resonated very much with the will of desire; which practically is the Goddess Tripura Sundari that I have been practicing for many years by then. He had no clue about my practice nor that particular archetype. He just comprehended. 

There are so many such qualities in us that are just waiting to come out. We just need to use the right leverage. 

May the grace of Tara bless you with deep compassion for all sentient beings during these volatile times and her wisdom take you wherever you need to cross over. 

Much love


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