Looking for stillness in the eye of the tornado - Mahashivaratri

February 27, 2022

I was resisting this urge.

`You have so much going on! Samyama is going fully back to in-person and people are literally arriving next week. You just launched your coaching services and why the f. is your ad not working?! All the other projects need your care and supervision. New stories are piling up as you are having more in-person contact with new people. And you can feel the PMS creeping. Push through!`

That is an old but still alive voice in me resisting the dynamic nature of life.

Yes. A lot is going on; a war is going on, which by itself is a big cause for getting lost in a tornado of thoughts and feelings. Tears pile up in my ducts as I try to figure out what to say to my friends in Ukraine.

There is so much going on.

And the true calling inside is stillness.

The eye of the tornado.

Maybe it is natural programming after many years of honouring auspicious times or I am finally syncing in with the svara; the wisdom of `rhythm`. Mahashivaratri is around the corner.

The great night of Shiva; a night where all the energies within move naturally upwards. A night where the mythology suggests that the Shiva and Shakti within; our inner feminine and masculine is balanced. A night that is also considered as an auspicious time to ask for the perfect external manifestation of the inner Shiva; your ideal partner; or improve your current relationship.

In Bali, Nyepi; the new year is celebrated right after in full silence. It is the time to connect more with the divine through meditation, prayer, and fasting.

I am looking forward to these precious 3 days between the 1st and 3rd of March.

If you feel inspired, here is a warm welcome to join me in subtle realms.

Some suggestions for a traditional way of celebrating Mahashivaratri:

- Staying awake on the 1st of March (for India; if you are in the far west it may be 28th for you! You can ask saint google😊). Keeping the spine straight, even if you are leaning against the chair/wall would be good. In case you cannot stay up all night make sure you go to bed in the meditative spirit of the night.

- Devotion: you can listen to Shiva bhajans, kirtans, or whatever resonates with you to help you cultivate devotion to your path in awakening the inner guru. I will share some live moments from our celebration at Samyama on the 1st on the 10 Wisdom Goddesses Facebook group.

- Fasting: If you feel like keeping your energy even more light and deepening your meditation you can do a fast from the sunrise of the day until the next sunrise. You can try black fast or fruit/juice fast depending on your physical condition.

If you feel like joining the free sadhana offered by Shivoham tantra with a mantra meditation please write `mantra` in the comments.

Even this sharing with you comes out of the motivation of encouraging myself more and more to respond to this calling. My strongest experiences during Mahashivaratri`s happened in the rich energetics of a community. Hence calling upon a community without boundaries.

Much love


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