10 milestones to cross over towards abundance, growth, and prosperity

March 28, 2022

Do you ever feel that despite all the efforts in growth and evolution, you find yourself swimming in the same muddy waters?

The fears you courageously overcame maybe about not being enough (or too much) creep in again?

The judgments previously dissolved with compassion about how your life should re-emerge all of a sudden?

No worries, after years of sadhana and inner work, I keep finding myself in these spirals up and down wondering where I am truly connected and where tainted by my deceptive reality.

One of my teachers remind me, life is not a race, It`s a journey. It's not about competing, it's all about exploring.

We are yet reaching another powerful time of the year to go deeper into our exploration.

My 10 Wisdom Goddesses program is kick-starting on 2 April!

This is the beginning of a one-year-long process; a road paved with 10 milestones, practices with the 10 Wisdom Goddesses helping you re-shape your relationships, carrier, and life at large. This work will tune up the sound of your intuition. You will have a strong spine to stay centered and aligned in all your affairs no matter how big or small. You will manifest the life that you actually want to live and enjoy it too!

We keep losing our ground and falling as we explore in life; that is the nature of matter. Having the tools and the support system to get right back up creates the difference.

I open this program twice a year; during the auspicious time of Navaratri; the Nine Nights of the Goddess. This particular one celebrated at the beginning of the Vedic calendar marks the beginning and functioning of the new year.  Our practice during these 10 days cultivates positive energy, abundance, growth, and prosperity for all the living species of the universe.

I invite everyone to join this practice with a free mantra meditation transmitted by Shivoham Tantra between 2-12th of April. We will be invoking Tara; the Wisdom Goddess of knowledge and compassion, the north star illuminating the path across the ocean of confusion, our ego-mind.

Please join my private Facebook group for instructions. DM if you have joined a Navaratri/Diwali with me before to join the full process with a different, higher-vibe mantra by donation.

We accept bookings to the 10 Wisdom Goddesses Program throughout this period. More info on the program here.

I wish you all a powerful and magnificent start to a new cycle of evolution.

Much love


It is beautiful to align with the natural motion of life; expansion and contraction. 

In the last weeks, I have experienced a profound expansion. Now that Samyama; our retreat center in Bali, is open, I am back to teaching live in person. There are no words to describe the significance of witnessing people diving deep into an abyss and finding their inner light.

At the same time, there are moments of contraction when I just feel like retreating into my safe cave and do absolutely nothing to restore my balance.

My being is preparing itself for a culmination by contracting.

The culmination of Navaratri, the 9 nights of the goddess; an auspicious time celebrated at the change of seasons; the major transformation we all are going through. 

This time, Navaratri at Samyama is dedicated to the tantric archetype of wisdom and compassion, Tara. A big, live yantra; the sacred geometrical shape representing Tara will be built with soil and seeds to turn the space into a temple and amplify the effects of our 10-day-sadhana.

This auspicious time also signifies the start of my online 10 Wisdom Goddesses Program. This program lies in the heart of my offerings designed to create a life of your dreams by inviting the power and light of the 10 tantric goddesses into the domains of your relationships, wellbeing, career, and spiritual evolution.

In the light of the coming wave of expansion, I would like to share two FREE offerings with you to join the ride and boost your transition into a greater life.

- Free 2-day live workshop `10 Powerful Ways to Break Bad Relationship Patterns`: This conversation will poke some buttons in you. I offer this workshop to review and reconnect with the wisdom of all the goddesses holding the torch. Some powerful seeds are planted there for any level of practitioners. Secure your spot here.

- Free Navaratri mantra meditation: You can join the Navaratri mantra meditation, which is also for novice practitioners transmitted by Shivoham Tantra. Students who have done a full Navaratri/Diwali sadhana with me can join the process with a more potent mantra by donation. Please join the 10 Wisdom Goddesses Facebook group for instructions on the sadhana.

May these times of change bring you peace, prosperity, and bliss. 

Much love


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