7-Day Online Meditation Challenge

June 11, 2020

While we were quarantining a very dear friend of mine went through 6 cycles of chemo-therapy. In the last 3 months he has been one of the few people whom I communicated with regularly and I am in awe of the way he is handling this process. 

After his first round he had a sleepless night due to the drugs, which happened to be Mahashivaratri; a very auspicious night in Hindu calendar when the divine is celebrated staying up all night for meditation and chanting. Instead of driving himself mad with destructive thoughts, my friend decided to do this practice on his sleepless night.

Now that his last treatment is completed with great success, his body is in extreme pain during recovery. He is comprehending the suffering of people dealing with chronic pain for the first time watching how his mind works under these conditions. Yes; he can watch his mind work. Even under extreme conditions like that. When highly destructive thoughts rise up, he can just look at them and let them go. 

I can see how he is reaping the fruits of many years of consistent meditation practice in this healing process. 

I witnessed however how difficult it is for most yoga aspirants to build up a consistent meditation practice. Asana, even pranayama somehow can be introduced; it is similar to all the sports we have been encouraged to do all our life. But meditation is quite an unfamiliar territory for many. 

I want to help you overcome that barrier. 

Synchronized live meditation during our Online 200hr Meditation and Yoga Teacher Training Course has been the highlight of our experience. The support of the group works like magic. So, it works!

I am offering a 7-DAY MEDITATION CHALLENGE; starting on Monday 15th of June; every morning at 8:00 am (CET) on my Yoga Therapy Pill Platform. Each meditation slot will last 30 min. On the last day of our challenge; the 21st of June; the summer solstice we will have a little live sharing and Q&A following our practice. 

You can join in just for a simple Mindfulness meditation on any day or use a special mantra. For the ones who want to use a Ganesha mantra to remove obstacles in their life and start up new, please click HERE, fill in the form and write MANTRA in the subject line. I will get back to you with further instructions. 

Please share this FREE opportunity with your loved ones who could benefit from the power of now. 😊

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