Talking the walk:
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Habit Hacks to Transform Your Life, One Routine at a Time

Discover actionable strategies to break free from limiting routines and cultivate habits that propel you towards your goals.

The Truth About Finding Yourself in a Repeating Situation

We human beings are creatures of habit. Habits are taking action through parts of our brain that indeed run on autopilot; they bypass our rational, thinking mind. Acknowledging that may help with cultivating more self-compassion.

Ahh, birthdays! A celebration, a milestone, and a beginning. Or else?!!

Interested in doing a Birthday Quest of your own? I am happy to be your coach or mentor in this process. Just reply to this email and we will get it rolling.

Owning Our Strength
Spiritual Psychosis
Cracking the Heart Open
Connecting to Prem Baba
Wound of the Arrow
Capturing the Scent of a Week
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