If you have 90 min a day, you can create your dream business

Create - Share - Inspire: Coaching Program for Heart and mind aligned Entrepreneurs
Are you postponing your dreams to keep the safety of your 9-5 job?
Do you feel overwhelmed by the multiplicity of tasks to master to build and sustain a business?
Are you struggling to find the best way for you to market your services?
Let’s make it all easier for you!
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Create-Share-Inspire is a 3 Months coaching program that will

  • Meet you where you are at and set goals, pace and a map for you during a 1h introductory meeting 
  • Guide you towards your goals through mentoring, skill-building and transmission during 11 weekly meetings of 30min each 
  • Inspire and motivate you to expand through monthly review and feedback 
  • Empower you on this path through wisdom of esoteric teachings from yoga, meditation, ayurveda and tantra shared on one of my online teaching programs suitable for YOU.



3-month program: 3999 USD



About Me

I have to admit; it took me a while to figure out what kind of business I wanted. I was not the child who had her mind set on a dream job. As long as I enjoyed and excelled at what I was doing; all was well.

Now I have my dream job! I co-own and co-manage a retreat centre in Bali while running my brand focusing on yoga therapy and meditation.

It wasn`t so clear cut until I got here though! My curiosity led me to two master’s degrees in social sciences, several years of consultancy on EU affairs, management and communication, countless projects, events and teams managed while pursuing a dedicated dance study of more than a decade and eventually a spiritual path of service.

The red line connecting all these diverse adventures has been my multi-passion entrepreneurial spirit. I am looking forward to connecting with you and helping you reach your finish line!

Are you looking for:

  • Fulfilment in life?

  • Feeling treasured for your gifts and talents?

  • Living a purposeful life?

  • Making the best out of this human experience?

Then this program is for you!

How does it work?

  • Click the button to receive payment instructions and book your spot.
  • Read the confirmation email with a link to schedule your 1h introduction meeting.
  • Once we set the goals and pace at that meeting; you will get access to the online module suitable for your needs.
  • You will use the same link to schedule your next meetings.
Simple, right?

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I invest in a coach? I already have so many expenses!

Because it will save you massive time, money and peace of mind!

We have this expression `a tailor who cannot sew his own clothes`. Maybe you are already savvy in management, marketing, organisation or holding a strong heart and mind centred container for yourself.

However, when you have to manage it all at once along with offering premium service in your business, the pressure builds up.

You will need:
- a direction that feels right
- an efficient structure
- support in knowledge and skills required
- an accountability mentor
- guidance in self-care
- A mirror and a cheerleader!

Why should I dream when I have hard facts of life to deal with!?

I used to be annoyed by the word dream. `I am a realistic, grounded person; daydreaming takes me nowhere`.

Until the importance of desire dawned on me.

Your daydreams are where you express your most authentic desires.

Desire fuels your will power.

Your will power is the ignition you need to set things into motion.

Why should I pick you, Dijan, as my coach?

I don't use standard recipes; I will design our process to meet you exactly where you are at. There are some winning formulas, norms of conduct. However, the secret sauce is YOU. Therefore, my approach is personalised. We will create a path together that works for YOU and provides you with the tools and skills that YOU need.
I have done the heavy-lifting! As a self-led entrepreneur for the last 20 years, I have done the heavy-lifting in working on all pieces of the puzzle; strategic planning, product development, communication, team work, financial management, social media, sales, copywriting; you name it…
I stand where east meets west; the analytical thinking and soft skills combined with the holistic depth of esoteric teachings. This background allows me to look at the bigger picture as well as the smallest details of your particular temperament, needs and preferences.

Shall I book now or maybe at a more free, relaxed or financially settled time ahead?

I invite you to ask yourself `where is this thought coming from? `. Is it the voice in your mind trying to keep things `business as usual`, believing that change is risky and scary? Well, things need to be shaken up a little for growth to happen. It is ok to be afraid. What is not ok is to keep postponing out of fear.

Is a 30 min meeting enough?

Time is our most precious gift. It is a part of our process to use this gift in the best way possible; with enthusiasm, focus, and efficiency. Each session gives the much needed direction and enthusiasm for the tasks of the week without overwhelming you.

What is this online module about?

A big difference you will find in my coaching is my holistic approach. I want you to have it ALL; your successful dream job, your high-quality life with self-care and meaningful relationships, and a purposeful life in line with your deepest wisdom. So I offer an additional resource with discourses, yoga, meditation and several other tools, depending on your needs. A wellness program to improve your health, a meditation program to calm your mind, or maybe a powerful initiation to a tantric archetype from my 10 Wisdom Goddesses Online Program. We will decide together.

What if we don't click?

We both need to feel that connection to make this work. It is never a coincidence that paths cross for such important life goals. Therefore, I trust it is the right call. If on a super rare occasion we don’t sync well, I simply deduce the costs of all the sessions completed and refund you the remaining amount. Again; simple, right?

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