Embrace Your Femininity, Empower Your Life

The Feminine Way is a Blueprint for Holistic Success, Confident Intuition, and a Soulful Life
Imagine a life where every step is infused with intention, every decision springs from a depp well of inner wisdom, and every day feels like a harmonious expression of your truest self.


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Step Into the Life You Were Meant to Live

Picture this: You wake up each morning feeling a deep sense of peace and purpose. Your choices are clear and feel right in your gut, resonating with the rhythm of your own truth. The harmony between your professional success and personal well-being is not just balanced, but vibrantly intertwined. You are not just functioning; you are flourishing.

True Transformation on the Other Side of Feminine Alchemy

What awaits you…

  • Empowerment: Your femininity to become a beacon of confidence in your personal and professional life.
  • Clarity: Gaining intuitive insight into your life's direction, making decisions with conviction and joy.
  • Connection: Deepening the bond with your own body and spirit, celebrating the monthly cycles that are uniquely yours.
  • Passion: Reigniting the flames of your desires, from the boardroom to the bedroom, embracing your power in all realms.
  • Wisdom: Accessing timeless knowledge that transforms your everyday experience into an elevated existence.
  • Creativity: Unleashing a wellspring of creativity that infuses your projects, relationships, and dreams with innovation and vitality.

This is not just the fulfillment of your desires; it's the beginning of a lifelong journey where your reality exceeds your dreams.

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The outcome? A life lived fully, richly, and authentically as the empowered woman you truly are.

Embrace the Journey to Your Authentic Self

Every woman's journey is dotted with moments of introspection—times when the path to self-discovery calls for a pause, a reflection, a change. It's in these moments that the seeds of transformation are sown.

That’s what led me to this work - because I too used to struggle with connecting to my own femininity.

My own path to discovering the essence of femininity was marked by such a profound conversation. It was an encounter I had never anticipated, one that revealed the layers of beliefs and dogmas imprinted upon me. Beliefs about how a woman 'should be,' the conventional norms of success, the intricate dance between the feminine and masculine, and the dismissal of our natural cycles as mere inconveniences. These were not just societal impositions; they were barriers to my true self.

I lived a life many would envy—rich in accomplishments, yet beneath the surface, there was a well of unaddressed emotions, strained relationships, and health issues I had never associated with the neglect of my feminine essence.

Why did the same conflicts arise, time and again? The answer lay within, waiting for the moment I chose to turn inward. And so I did.
The transformation that followed is indescribable. Yet, through my own journey and the collective voices of hundreds of women I've guided, one truth stands clear:

Connecting with your femininity is a revelation, a celebration of being a woman in its truest sense. It's possible to find your voice and your passion amidst the cacophony of roles—mother, professional, partner—and to live a life crafted by your authentic desires.

You, too, can embrace this path. The path to feeling, enjoying, and owning your womanhood with confidence and grace, even when the world whispers doubts.

This is not just my story. It could be yours.

It’s Time for Your Feminine Evolution

To step into the fullness of your power and potential, there's a gap that needs bridging—a space between where you are now and where your soul calls you to be. It's not just about altering what you do, but transforming how you see yourself, how you value your innate wisdom, and how you engage with your deepest desires.

Realize that:

True Success is Holistic: It's not enough to excel in your career if your personal life isn't flourishing with the same vigor.

Femininity is Power: Embracing your feminine essence is not a weakness but a profound strength that can reshape your reality.

Change is Within Reach: The patterns and conflicts that repeat in your life are not immovable obstacles, but signposts guiding you towards growth and self-discovery.

I’m inviting you to believe that YOU are the architect of your own life. With the right tools and guidance, you can design a life that's in alignment with your truest self.

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Introducing The Feminine Way

A six-month group program to catalyze your journey towards a life where success and soul are interwoven. Where every aspect of your being is acknowledged, celebrated, and empowered.

Transformative Wisdom
for the Modern Woman

This is for the woman who is ready to:

  • Embrace her holistic success, ensuring her personal growth mirrors her professional achievements.
  • Recognize her femininity as a source of power and wisdom, integral to her identity.
  • Transcend repetitive life patterns and conflicts, using them as catalysts for profound personal evolution.
  • Take charge of crafting a life that's as successful on the inside as it appears to the world.

This program is not for those who:

  • Are looking for a quick fix without a commitment to deep, introspective work.
  • Prefer to remain in the comfort zone of societal norms about femininity and success.
  • Are not ready to explore and embrace the full spectrum of their womanhood.
  • Hesitate to invest time and energy in their journey of self-discovery and transformation.

In "The Feminine Way," you'll find a sanctuary of growth, a crucible for change, and a blueprint for the life you've always known is possible.

  • I was looking for a person like this in my life who would understand what I’m going through and would find ways to put me in the right direction and I think Dijan has done that. I’m leaving with a lot of lessons, insights, a lot of love and compassion.
    - Aishwarya, lead-actress from India
  • "I found the classes really good for opening up the deeper emotions that you have, rather than what's on the surface. I gained a better understanding of myself and why I react sometimes the way I do in my life. My relationship with myself as well and with others.

    I now have some tools to help me get better with my patterns and the way I think. To open up more and also to move my body because I can be quite lazy with that.

    I would definitely do it again. Probably will do it again actually. And I really recommend it."
    - Hannah
  • "To me, it was super intense to do the chakra work with the heart chakra... it was like a healing. It brings us very close. And I am very thankful for that. I'm so thankful to have you as a teacher, especially for doing the yoga thing... you did it so gentle and so soft.

    First of all, it calms me down a lot... brings me a bit closer to the awakening point, you know? "It was very intense and I felt like healing some stuff. "If you like this experience with girls and the power of female and woman, then you should book it."
    - Lisa
  • "I had a lot of doubts and insecurities when I first approached this. But I felt surrounded by beautiful women and connected to like-minded people. I started discovering my body and then we started bringing this element of dance that actually really opened up and I tapped back into my femininity.

    Dijan is such an amazing teacher teaching you how to tap into this beautiful power of your pure essence. Essence as a woman, essence of a creative force, essence of a powerful leader, giving space, holding space, and creating in the space. I would totally recommend everyone who lost herself a little bit lost his female power, you can become into this pure feminine loving, Mother goddess.”
    - Irina
The Feminine Way Group Program is the synthesis; `the best` of a decade long experience of delivering these teachings in person. It lays the foundation for embodying what you have wished for in this life.

This is a 6 months, self-paced container with two different options for support:

The Feminine Way

6 monthly modules: on my beautiful teaching platform laid out clearly and concisely with lectures, guided exercises/practices, worksheets, interactive Q&A segments, and valuable resources that you can complete in your own time.
Group Support: A monthly live conversation for addressing questions and deepening the work
Or 3 monthly payments of $122
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The Feminine Way VIP

For the woman who is ready for extra support, you can upgrade your experience before or during the program.
Everything included in the standard program, including self-paced modules
3 private sessions: This is an exclusive session price only offered to the Feminine Way Group Program participants
Or 3 payments of $355
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Evolution is a life-long process; we are all students in life. However this program with its time-honoured, efficient and practical teachings will give you a great leap ahead!

Ancient Wisdom for the Modern Woman

Within this six-month sanctuary, you will traverse through six meticulously designed modules, each a beacon guiding you closer to your feminine essence and personal power. This is where ancient wisdom meets modern practicality, each step crafted to awaken, nurture, and empower your entire being.

Module 1:
Earth - Embrace Your Foundation

Discover the grounding force of your body. This module redefines your relationship with your physical self, teaching you to cherish and listen to your body as the sacred temple of your spirit.

Module 2:
Water - Flow with Emotional Wisdom

Dive into the waters of emotional intelligence. Here, you learn to navigate the ebb and flow of your feelings, understanding the power of your authentic feminine expression and sensuality.

Module 3:
Fire - Ignite Your Inner Strength

Stoke the flames of your inner fire. Develop unshakeable self-worth and confidence that illuminate your path to personal success and financial empowerment.

Module 4:
Air - Breathe Life into Your Relationships

Breathe deeply and connect with the air element to foster self-acceptance and freedom. Letting go of what no longer serves you, you'll learn to form relationships that uplift and support your highest self.

Module 5:
Ether - Speak Your Universal Truth

Ascend to the ether, where your voice resonates with clarity and purpose. Here, we refine your communication to reflect your inner wisdom and true direction in life.

Module 6: 
Integration - Weave Your Tapestry of Transformation

In the final module, all elements converge. You'll integrate the knowledge and growth from each module into a cohesive whole, embodying the essence of "The Feminine Way" in every aspect of your life.


  • Astridquote
    Dijan is an amazing soulful teacher, coming from the heart connecting on all the levels and not scared to really truly dive deeper.
    Within herself and also opening and holding the space for others to do so with her amazing support. I perceive her as
    strong and soft at the same time, and that is an art ♥

    Astrid, yoga teacher, the Netherlands
  • Irinaquote
    `Why I would recommend Dijan?

    Because in Tantra we work with powerful energies you have to be guided by someone who has a solid meditation & spiritual practice. 

    I watch her spiritual journey and she simply got that.`
    Irina, leadership coach, Russia
  • Zivquote
    `The work with Dijan is super deep. Transformative and have long lasting effect.
    Dijan is completely connected, aware and present and transmits the teaching with grace and love. Highly recommended!`
    Ziv, Body Work Specialist, Israel
Hi, I am Dijan and I am a meditation instructor, business owner, yoga therapist and the creator of The Inner Contemplation Methodologies.

My approach is highly personal; we start our work with a very thorough conversation about you on many levels; physical wellness, emotional and mental qualities, fears and desires, and more.

Based on this conversation we work together with the tools that are suitable for you and your lifestyle to create a life `outside of the box`, full of wellness, wealth, and wisdom.

Frequently Ask Questions

No worries; all conversations will be uploaded on the platform. You will have many opportunities to post your questions before a live talk so that even if you don't make it in person your question is addressed.
You will have access for 6 months which will give you ample time to complete and repeat the content self-paced.

This isn't just about change; it's about evolution
your evolution.

With "The Feminine Way," your journey through life becomes an expression of your most authentic self. Embrace the life you're destined for, and become the student and the master of your own story.
Join us now. The path awaits.
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