How to Use Emotions and Visualisation to Amplify your Yoga Practice

November 14, 2020

Today is Diwali; a day dedicated to gratitude.

Gratitude for the abundance, harmony and beauty that is granted to us by nature.

Gratitude to the sun as the cosmic giver of light.

Gratitude to all the love and support we receive in our lives. 

Even at moments of suffering, the light of gratitude is a form of celebration of everything we take for granted. 

And to say as a movie I once watched goes `Happy, thank you, more please`.

The abundance and beauty of manifestation is venerated by many cultures under different names; in tantrism and hindu culture we have the Goddess Lakshmi; otherwise known as Kamalatmika representing that particular face of the Divine. 

I have just released an Online Workshop on Kamalatmika consisting of numerous ways of connecting with this energy from the most ritualistic to the metaphysical and brainy. Discourses, different methods of meditation, quotes, stories, visuals, exercises… You are more than welcome to join it any time now that the content stays evergreen. 

I would like to share a Yoga Program inspired by Kamalatmika energy on this occasion on Yoga Therapy Pill platform. This practice is not about a particular issue of wellness but invites abundance, harmony and beauty into your life. It may inspire you to a different approach to yoga practice; integrating the physical experience with emotional contemplation and pure witness consciousness. 

If you would like to celebrate DIWALI in your own way, celebrate Lakshmi at 3pm UTC by offering candle lights in front of your house and/or office. 

For all the ladies who are reading this newsletter; do yourself a favour and sign up to the Sublime Women Summit on 16-20th November for free! Some amazing women came together to share their valuable gems with you. 

May this auspicious day bring love and joy to you!

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