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Tantra is a technology.
It helps you to use the mundane to reach the ultimate.
Possibilities are endless.

Learning ways to charge your body in such a way that it can resist the most difficult conditions.
Practicing concentration techniques making your brain laser-sharp to a level of genius.
Improving your expression and charisma to reach more success in any area of life.
You name it...

All that is about life embodied and in nature are used as a spring-board and science of tantra gives the tools for that.


Ultimately the purpose of the tantrika is to let go of any limitations and experience authenticity, spontaneity and truth.

So it is not about sex! Sexual energy is just among the countless forms of energy that make up this manifestation. Therefore, it is also addressed in the tantric system. However, when we say tantra we mean a bigger realm than that.

Join in an authentic classical tantra experience!

This is an initiation into life through the science of yantra, mantra and ritual
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Your gains from this work:

  • Curious about kundalini energy? This is a safe way to awaken your kundalini; your latent force as in 'may the force be with you'
  • The practice accumulates immense power which brings healing and prosperity in life
  • It is a rare chance to explore a new depth in your spiritual experience
It is suitable for any level of practitioner.
Beginners will have a very practical and easy access to meditation.
Intermediary and advanced practitioners will benefit from initiation to a form of teaching that is hardly accessible to westerners. This practice offered a new threshold in meditation and profound insights to many initiates.


  • quote
    `Working with the Goddesses in such a traditional, devotional, deep and serious way is wonderful. It allows ourselves to tune in to energies inside us to manifest what we are looking for.

    Dijan is an amazing and loving teacher, very knowledgeable and knows exactly how to hold space for different people in different stages on their paths!

    Totally joining this sadhana again!`
    Ariana, Architect, Argentina
  • Zivquote
    `The work with Dijan is super deep. Transformative and have long lasting effect.
    Dijan is completely connected, aware and present and transmits the teaching with grace and love. Highly recommended!`
    Ziv, Body Work Specialist, Israel

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