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Get the perfect yoga program for your personal needs including diet, meditation, tantra practices and lifestyle suggestions.


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We all have our individual temperament, lifestyle and health needs. A private consultation bringing together the esoteric teachings of yoga & ayurveda and the western, scientific approach of yoga therapy will provide you with a tailor-made program suitable specifically for your and your needs.

How does it work?


The appointment for the 90 minutes sessions is scheduled according to mutual availability. During this appointment we will try to identify the current health and life challenges, health history at many different levels respecting your personal boundaries.This usually takes approximately 60 min. Following the intake Dijan will present you with an individualized program for you consisting of yoga therapy techniques as well as tools from tantra teachings.

You will be provided with an electronic copy of your program. Full explanation of all recommendations will also be provided including links to tutorial videos, documents and exemplary practices if and when required.

Traditional yogic and energetic approaches to health and healing will be used which may include: yoga techniques, movement therapy, meditation, psychotherapy, tantra practices, lifestyle suggestions, specific health care referrals, short term and long term evaluations.

Personalized program

During our second appointment I will introduce your personal program. The program will integrate alternative and conventional methods, specifically designed to ‘meet you where you’re at’ in your present condition of health and well-being.

Traditional yogic and energetic approaches to health and healing will be used which may include: yoga techniques, movement therapy, meditation, psychotherapy, tantra practices, lifestyle suggestions, specific health care referrals, short term and long term evaluations.

You will be provided with an electronic copy of your program incorporating any adjustments identified in the second appointment. Full explanation of all recommendations will also be provided.

Follow up appointments

You may book a follow up right away to practice your plan as a private class of 75 min. Otherwise after implementing your personal program you may also book a follow up meeting online or in person for adaptation and going deeper into your wellness plan.

Why book a private consultation with Dijan?

You are unique – I help you find what works for you to integrate yoga and meditation in your life with ease

You need to be practical – With the right tool it sometimes takes just 5 min. a day to introduce lasting change

You want a fulfilling and accessible experience – We can conduct the consultations from whereever you are online for an accessible price

You deserve to be cared for – I am here to provide you with the best care as your fellow yogini walking her talk

Why a follow-up appointment?

As you work on some layers of your being with the program provided, your baseline for health will change so it is helpful to get personalized yoga instruction as you experience those changes. Most of my clients stay with me long term; either attending retreats that I offer or booking follow up consultations. Such a follow up helps to build up on the progress you achieve with your personal practice and go deeper on the path of evolution.
Why invest in a private yoga class?
Private yoga classes allow you to deeply explore the concepts of yoga philosophy with your instructor, unlike in a traditional class at a yoga studio. If I am teaching yoga during a private lesson, then I can provide more feedback and guidance to support your personal yoga practice both during the session and in your daily life. My private lessons extend far beyond that, though.

I take the time to really understand your needs, your personal practice, and where you’re at with your overall health and well-being. I create an integrative yoga therapy program that incorporates the physical postures with breathing techniques, meditation, Ayurvedic diet suggestions, and traditional yogic practices to support your healing process. The goal is to improve the mind-body connection so that you can have steadier mental health and well-being. Booking a private yoga class with me is more like booking a yoga therapy session, where I coach you on how to reap the positive healing effects of yoga in your daily life.
What are the benefits of yoga online?
Now more than ever, it is crucial to have access to practices that support your health and well-being no matter where you are in the world. The internet makes this possible. By moving online, you can access my yoga therapy program whenever you need it the most. A follow-up therapy session can be scheduled any time, where we can go over the physical postures together, explore more advanced breathing techniques, or fine tune your yogic practices to better suit your needs for where you’re at. Through the power of the internet, we can stay connected all throughout the year.
What is the difference between yoga and yoga therapy?
Yoga encompasses many different practices, including the physical postures, breathing exercises, cleansing techniques, meditation, and more. They have all been designed as a very ancient practice to help support mental health and physical well-being by increasing our mind-body connection. When done correctly, the effects of yoga can be profound. Yoga therapy brings all of these tools together so that you, the student, may experience the benefits of yoga in its intended form. Just like a physical therapist guides people through certain movements to facilitate healing, a certified yoga therapist helps guide students through yogic practices to facilitate healing of the mind, body, and spirit.
Is yoga therapy used to prevent or treat illness?
Yoga therapy is complementary healing modality addressing many ailments such as anxiety, chronic pain, inflammatory diseases. The practices of yoga lead to a healthy lifestyle, which can work as a preventative measure against illnesses. When the body is already facing disease, then breathing, yoga and meditation can support the healing process. Therapeutic yoga alone should not be considered a substitute for appropriate medication or psychotherapy. Instead, each therapy session is meant to guide you toward a more balanced and pure lifestyle, which will support your healing process. My integrative yoga therapy program is not meant to diagnose or cure any diseases, but can help with mental health, chronic pain, cardiovascular issues, anxiety, inflammatory issues related to stress and many other health issues.
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