Personalised Holistic Coaching for Health, Mindset, and Fulfillment
You are unique – I help you find what works for you to integrate empowering practices and routines in your life with ease.

As an accomplished individual seeking holistic wellness and a deeper sense of purpose, you deserve more than generic solutions – you crave a personalized approach tailored to YOUR unique journey.

Picture yourself embodying the radiant, confident, and empowered version of yourself you've always aspired to be. I'm here to guide you, helping you seamlessly integrate empowering practices into your daily life.

No matter where you are, our consultations are accessible, enriching, and designed to honor your individuality. It's time to prioritize YOUR well-being and step into the life you've always dreamed of.
My private coaching offers a unique blend of ancient wisdom and modern techniques tailored specifically to your needs - lifestyle, mindset, yoga, meditation and sustainable & realistic dietary suggestions.
With my guidance, you'll integrate new habits into your life taking you closer to your goals.
Whether it's overcoming mental health challenges, improving relationships, or finding your passion, I'm here to support you.

Does this sound like you?

You're navigating through life's maze, but it feels like you're wearing a blindfold.

You're grappling with mental health issues like depression and anxiety, while your body is protesting from years of neglect.

You're bombarded with endless advice on wellness, but it's only left you feeling more confused and overwhelmed.

Relationships feel like a puzzle with missing pieces, leaving you yearning for clarity and connection.

Procrastination and bad habits seem to be your constant companions, trapping you in a cycle of frustration and stagnation.

It's like you're stuck in quicksand, desperately trying to break free but sinking deeper with each struggle.

But you’re ready to…

You step into the sunlight, feeling a renewed sense of purpose and vitality.

Clarity washes over you like a cool breeze as you embrace a new routine and lifestyle tailored to your needs.

The heavy burden of mental health issues begins to lift, replaced by a deep sense of inner peace and balance.

Your body responds to nurturing care, healing from within and radiating with vitality.

Relationships blossom with authenticity and joy, filling your life with meaning and fulfillment.

Procrastination and self-doubt dissolve away, replaced by confidence and momentum.

You stand tall, empowered to chart your own path and create a life filled with wellness, purpose, and joy.
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I get it…

There is so much fantastic information, tools and tips out there. What you should eat, do, think, be… It can be overwhelming.

And the catch is, you have your unique individual temperament, lifestyle and health needs. So how do you really know which tool or approach really works for you?

This is my magic!

During a private consultation, I am guiding towards laying all the essentials on the table, highlighting the priorities and I provide a tailor-made program suitable specifically for you and your needs.

My tool-box brings together the esoteric teachings of yoga, meditation, tantra & ayurveda and the western, scientific approach of inner work, coaching and yoga therapy.

How it works:


The appointment for our 75-minute session is scheduled according to mutual availability. During this appointment we will try to identify the current health and life challenges at many different levels respecting your personal boundaries. This usually takes approximately our first 60 min. Following the intake I will present you with a simple and doable individualized program.

You will be provided with an electronic copy of your program. Full explanation of all recommendations is provided including links to tutorial videos, documents and exemplary practices if and when required.

Follow up appointments

After implementing your personal program you may also book a follow up meeting online or in person for adaptations.

If you feel the need for more support for deepening the practices, accountability or feeling inspired in general I suggest you opt for the Dare to Dream Program for a 6-months coaching and mentoring process with me.


  • quote
    I struggled with obsessively overthinking, regulating my emotions, self care, anxiety and becoming emotionally drained relatively easily.
    Working with Dijan I have developed a greater capacity to feel loved. I tend to intellectualize and argue every moment and every emotion. Dijan has taught me to think less with my head and to feel more with my heart. My life has transformed in major tangible ways since we met. I use Dijan`s methods every day and I believe I have grown tremendously as a result.

    Anonymous, lawyer from London
  • quote
    I originally sought Dijan out for feminine embodiment work. When I shared with her everything I had going on, she helped me with so much more. I learned some really great techniques and experienced mindset shifts to bring awareness to my energy blockages and openings, and work through trauma and unhelpful beliefs that were holding me back.
    A year later she helped me expand my consciousness to appreciate all things in life but discern what truly is worthy of my attention. I felt so held and seen with Dijan and am so grateful for her support and friendship in my life. I recommended her to my boss and she ended up loving working with her too! Dijan is simply an amazing woman to meet, work with and be supported by.
    Jasmine, mental health care provider
  • quote
    I was quite surprised about the emotional part with Dijan. I could directly feel your calmness. You totally got the essence out of some small details about my life and behavior and set some small pleasant stitches with the needle that directly started working within me. It felt like single sentences and words created ideas/impressions / beginning of change more than whole chapters in books. It felt like you totally know where you are and where you will be. Your wisdom and strength is so beautiful.
    Ziv, Body Work Specialist, Israel

Your Investment

Private Consultation $222
Opt for an upgrade to a private consultation with a follow-up appointment and save $45, totaling $399.
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Dijan - Private Consultation
My life has been quite exciting from a very young age. I never really knew exactly what I wanted to do, but as long as I was having a good time and excelling at what was in front of me, I was happy.

A woman of Istanbul, I was born into a world with many opportunities; for men. I was still lucky to study at the top schools, learning several languages but only kept German and English, and earned 2 master's degrees in Conflict Analysis and Resolution and European Studies resulting in the most eclectic CV.

I traveled all over Europe as a youth activist - my connection to humanity, service, and life-long journey of evolution was strong from a young age, although I didn’t know how to put that into words. I was just following my heart.

This outlook worked for me until it didn`t.

There was a moment when I had everything perfectly successful on paper - the great job, house, car, partner, lifestyle…However, on the inside, I felt restless, slightly burnt-out, and a big FOMO towards life as if there are greater things out there far beyond my reach.

I was simply fighting other people's battles and confused about what truly matters. To a level that it messed up with my physical health.

Three chapters into my Ph.D. thesis and gazillion job offers rolling in; I dropped everything to come closer to myself and essentially embody the learnings that I am sharing now. After more than a decade of studying yoga, meditation, ayurveda, and tantra I created Inner Contemplation Methodologies.

Now running my coaching brand all over the world and am a partner at a meditation center in Bali supporting hundreds of people on their path to evolution.

It brings me joy, satisfaction, pride, happiness, and purpose to take these teachings and share them with people from all over the world. To share the magic of my own successes so that they may ripple out into the world.

My approach is highly personal; we start our work with a very thorough conversation about you on many levels; physical wellness, emotional and mental qualities, fears and desires, and more.

Based on this conversation we work together with the tools that are suitable for you and your lifestyle to create a life `outside of the box`, full of wellness, wealth, and wisdom.

Learn more about me here.


It will save you a lot of time, effort and money to study bits and pieces of many approaches and tools I have mastered over the years. You will have a plan that is just right for you.
As a coach and mentor, my job is not to diagnose or `heal` physical or mental conditions. A private consultation aims to offer a holistic and personalized program, which serves like a road map to address many dimensions of your life to remove obstacles to wellness and evolution.

Sometimes a targeted therapy is required to reach a baseline from which you can operate in higher function or build up on. In such cases, I also incorporate referrals to my program.
Specific tools are adjusted to your lifestyle. I am inspired by meditation, yoga therapy, ayurveda, inner work, tantra, dance and contemplative traditions. However it makes more sense to find out about your passions and see how they can also be utilized in a good direction supporting your program.
We are complex beings; therefore usually I need to prioritize the urgent and important in your personal program. Once you have some results on those areas, it can be useful to have one more consult to modify, go deeper or add another layer.
My clients are from all over the world and I get easily confused with time zones.:) Therefore after you secure your spot using the payment link, you`ll receive an email with another link to schedule your call. This way time zones are calculated automatically and our appointment can also be entered into your calendar. There is a strict 24h advance notice policy for a one-time-only rescheduling of your call. Last minute cancellations are charged full price.
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