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« Tantric initiation for Women into the path of the 10 Wisdom Goddesses »

The initiation you will receive during this work will serve as an anchor for your entire life to bring out your full and authentic power within.

1 week hybrid process May 18th-26th, 2024 in Bali


  • Deepen your Tantric practice in an embodied way - feel the depth within yourself, create the lasting anchor that you know you have within you!
  • Explore ancient Tantric initiations and ritualistic feminine practice
  • Deeply embody the 10 Wisdom Goddesses in sacred Sisterhood
  • Expand through Tantric puja, mantra initiation, Tantric meditation, dance, celebration, ownership, reclamation and sacred ritual
  • Meet your truest potential and learn how to cultivate energies that you desire!
  • You’re hungry! You are dedicated and ready to devote yourself to this Tantric magic in a sacred container of knowledge and love

“Yes I want to rise into my power and embody a Wisdom Goddess”

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What is included

My guidance in `matching` you with your Wisdom Goddess following a short interview on zoom.
A 7-day elevating and fun tapas leading up to the `Awakened Goddess: A Night of Devotion` ritual, whereby I will guide your personal practice to prepare and purify you for this rite of passage.
Access to my online teaching platform with hours of gorgeous material including: discourses, rituals, guided meditation, self-reflection, and yoga practices on your own Wisdom Goddess.
A traditional tantric fire ceremony for purification and preparation for the process.
Mantra initiation to your own Wisdom Goddess.
Awakened Goddess: A Night of Devotion: The grand ritual where you will embody your Goddess during an devotional ceremony open to the community.
Creation of lifelong memories and sisterhood sacred space while anchoring yourself in your fullest power.

"The 10 Wisdom Goddesses are the multiple faces of the divine feminine creating this web of life. Their sophisticated power resides in each and every one of us. The Rite of Passage is your opportunity to ignite this power."


Full price for the process: $222
Dates/Times of activities in the package:
Zoom meeting for Wisdom Goddess Assignments for approx 15 min.: Scheduled according to mutual availability until the 18th of May
Access to teaching platform for your Goddess: Immediately after the assignment valid for 3 months.
Introductory meeting with fire ceremony and mantra initiation: 18th of May 3-7pm in Ubud/Bali (exact time tbc).
Tapas period (daily self-practice to prepare for the ritual): 1h daily practice between 18th-25th of May
Awakened Goddess: A Night of Devotion: 25th of May 7-11pm in Ubud/Bali
Integration meeting 26th of May 10-11.30 am in Ubud/Bali (exact time tbc)
What is NOT covered in this package:
Your outfit for the Awakened Goddess: A Night of Devotion: You will receive guidance on how to prepare a fabulous outfit for the night by your own means following the symbolism of the Goddess you are embodying.
Professional makeup and hair/or support for preparation: You are welcome to gather together in advance prior to the event and prepare together at your own cost.
Meals, accommodation, photography/videography or any other cost other than the activities listed above are not covered in the fee.

You Will Experience

Goddess as the creator - How does she create through you; through word, sound, movement, or touch?
Goddess as the initiator - How does her healing elixir pour out in sacred sexuality?
Goddess leading to supreme consciousness - How to step up the ladder towards bliss through her sadhana?


  • Claire,-USA
    I've done 3 live Mahavidya pujas (aka Rite of Passage) with Dijan. It is one of my favorite spiritual practices. Not only is it secret esoteric knowledge, but it's a feminine oriented practice that makes you radiate the Divine nature of Shakti. I feel so lucky to have participated in these events.

    It's a deeply transformative process that asks you to put your own ego aside while you embody a transcendent nature of the universe. So much Grace has come to me in these times and it has changed my life and relationship to my own life. These Mahavidyas offer their unique divine wisdom and transmit their refined character over your own individualized personality.

    Anyone looking for a deeply transformative and sacred experience should consider joining this auspicious program.
    Claire, USA
  • Kaari,-Estonia
    I just finished giving my very first 3-day Mahavidya retreat over the extended weekend here in Estonia. Humbled with such a strong presence of the energy and consciousness of the Vidyas, the blessing I asked from Maha Shakti to the whole group at the end was absolutely stunningly strong ✨💖✨ 

    So blessed of having these teachings, experiences and the presence of their support with me 🙏😇🙏 

    The Mahavidya Puja experience in Thailand in 2018 certainly opened me up to a whole new level of experiencing and channelling the energy and the consciousness of the Cosmic Mother, so grateful for these initiations into the realm of Great Cosmic Powers.
    Kaari, Estonia
  • Amandine,-France
    Opening to the great wisdom and beauty of the mahavidyas is a powerful and live changing experience. It transforms someone to the core of the self…
    Amandine, France
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