What does self-sacrifice look like?  4 signs of self-sacrificing

November 30, 2022

If you hear yourself saying these words; spot on!

`There is too much pressure!` 

I have been there; the one on top of work plans and the software that goes with them. Strategizing, implementing, catching deadlines, and achieving one goal after another. Squeezing a gym session here and there; definitely some cool social time or holidays and rushing back to where I left everything. 

Does that look familiar to you?

Pressure comes in all forms; not having enough time, too high expectations of bosses, or simply too much to do. 

Even as a self-led woman, owning my businesses I found myself in the same situation; this time projecting that `boss-pressure` to my business partners or peers. 

Until I had my a-ha moment!

Here I am inviting you to look into this wiring of perfectionism. 

`I am not happy`

You finally had the promotion you have been looking for. Maybe you bought that designer-bag missing from your wardrobe. Had that perfect vacation on sandy beaches. Many wants are fulfilled. 
However when quiet and alone; those big words come up blinking `I am not happy.`

This is such a profound moment of truth and authenticity. I invite you to embrace it and use it as a springboard instead of dreading it. This is how change starts. 

`If only I had a more supportive partner`

This a very common complaint I hear from women going through difficult times in their lives; so I cannot let this one go. 

An unfulfilled and stressful life brings in a survival mode. In this state it is fairly easy to externalize your issues; the prime target is your partner. `S/he was so driven and passionate before, now it is just dull routines`. `S/he doesn`t get me at all, we are on different planets right now`, `I feel like I am giving all I have and not getting much in return` …

If these thoughts are recurring for you too, it is time to look inwards and dig deeper. 
`She has what I don`t have`

Envy comes in so many ways and forms, a very cheeky part to be mindful of! How come she always looks so fit and healthy? Why does she get so many likes/clients/attention and I don`t? `I cannot stand one more happy couple pic from her anymore`...

Sometimes envy takes another route and says `hmm she may have all that but I know that she is not that all-together at all, remember the time….` disempowering the opponent`.

Or the most common of all; turning her life into excellent gossip material. Ohhh envy loves that! `Let`s release some of the poison of my inner demons by just dropping a cynical comment about her. Just words for having a laugh, no harm done. Ah, that felt good.`

My friend; these are all alarm bells for you. It is time to do some inner work! 

Let's have a good conversation and some useful strategies to avoid these perpetual self-sacrificing traps.  

Sign up now for my free masterclass  `Permission to Stop Sacrificing Yourself`; Wednesday 7th Dec, 8pm Bali time.

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