Dealing with asthma or panic attacks? This practice will change your life

Dealing with asthma started my yoga therapy journey. 

I had no idea how rich, diverse and efficient the ways of yoga could be to improve the self-healing capacity of my body. There is this basic notion; `yoga is good, it helps you relax`. But there is so much more than that to explore. Especially if you are at a stage of feeling like punching the instructor who has no idea what you are going through and keeps asking to breathe stronger and deeper and whatever. 

When a person is dealing with asthma or COPD it is a different ballgame. Not only are the lungs very sensitive but also the psychology around breathing restrictions plays an important role. Many tips and tricks that are recommended on paper may not be suitable for the person; especially at the beginning. 

The urge to breath is so vital; it takes a while until the mind is trained not to panic and make constrictions get worse; urging to use an inhaler instead of trusting that a breathing exercise will work. 

Because of that mental connection around sympathetic `panic` reaction there are many common techniques that I explored working wonders in preventing anxiety attacks.

So, I put together a little yoga program of some `gold` that will help you prevent an asthma attack along with breathing exercises against anxiety. 

I have to say that getting lasting results in complementary treatment of asthma with yoga therapy can be a long journey of purification, strengthening and endurance touching upon many areas of life. 

One thing I can ensure from very personal experience; it works, it feels great to take charge of your body and the effort pays off in many other areas of your life simultaneously. 

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