Activate Your Inner Warrior

I used to have serious issues with my immune system.

My dear fellow trainer and friend Gulesin used to call me `porcelain doll`. Slightest pressure and I would catch a nasty flu or cold lasting for weeks aggravated by respiratory issues. I thought I had a ridiculously weak immune system. I desperately searched for ways for balance and wellness to the point of travelling around with half a kg of supplements.

My first `aha` moment around the causes of these immune system issues was the realisation that the severe conditions putting me in survival moments mostly happened when there was a super-strong pressure for performance. In a way flu was my body in auto-pilot; shutting me off by reducing my ability to function.

I benefited a lot from the physical purifications of yoga and ayurveda that I applied over the years. However, at the heart of the transition from four flu episodes a year to a rather strong body and presence was the ability to shift my perception of reality through the energetic aspects of yoga.

Mind over matter!

Also getting to know myself and my constitution better helped me to realize that my immune system was actually over-worked and needed balance instead of `boost`.

This yoga program supports the circulation and removal of stagnant energy from main areas where our lymph nodes are located so that we can keep our system pure and nourished. We are massaging our hormonal glands and working on our autonomous nervous system to achieve an overall balance of our warrior within; the immune system. Suitable for all levels and including adaptations with props.

I am very excited to announce that my `gem` wellness retreat Vibrance will be available online very soon! You will get an amazing framework for self-observation and tools for creating balance in your life.

Stay tuned! Expected release date is 1st of September <3

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