How about some yoga for men?

July 21, 2021

Why is yoga good for men?

Well, why not! Contrary to the stereotypical image of yoga scene full of women in fancy gear, traditionally yoga was more common among men. We yoga instructors even struggle sometimes with traditional texts which explain techniques according to the male physique.

So, some good reasons for you to practice:

  • If you are the athletic type yoga can serve beautifully to increase mobility, strengthen your deep tissues and aid healthy muscle activation
  • Yoga can be utilised for a holistic wellness program for all systems of the body; immune, cardiovascular, nervous, digestive…
  • Both the physical (asana, pranayama) and more mental (concentration, meditation) practices in yoga are amazing for mental health, focus, productivity and emotional balance

So, if you are interested in yoga just to relax, better go to a spa. There is so much more you can get from your practice and I didn't even mention the spiritual dimension which is the actual purpose and essence of the practice.

However, many men get discouraged from yoga due to social inhibition but also because of trying a style which didn't really work for them. It is also important to find the style of yoga that you enjoy AND is good for you. 

I have started a series called "Yoga for Men" on my Yoga Therapy Pill platform offering short programs addressing specific issues relevant to a man's body and mind. All classes designed not only according to my studies but also field experience of having worked with many men attending my retreats and consultation sessions. 

We are getting started with "the Essentials". Feel free to subscribe to the channel and turn on the notifications so that you don't miss the following practices of this series. I'd appreciate it if you could share your experience with the practice and suggestions for topics in the comments section of the respective video. Please also share it with friends who would benefit from it. 

Last but not least; find my new podcast "Spirituality versus Relationships" on Tantra-Log. During this talk I am exploring possibilities of turning our relationships into a path of evolution.

Much love


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