Feeling Stressed Out? Here is a Little Pill

I had around 100 private retreat clients over the last year and one specific yoga program was a given for each single retreat/consultation experience: stress management.

Whether we deal with it in a highly functional way or totally go into burn out stress is the number one common denominator we have as a burden.
We all need some tips and tricks for dealing with anxiety and stress; grounding ourselves in trust and surrender.

Yoga works magic in stress management. Countless studies have proven the efficiency and effectiveness of yoga asana, breathing techniques and meditation on stress and anxiety; both being a prime psycho-somatic factor in many health conditions. This yoga program will help you ground yourself and find your center.

With the pandemic we all are preparing for the mental health dimension of the consequences. If you catch your mind drowning in doom scenarios or finding new challenges in your relationships maybe it is time to take action and stop the drama in an intelligent way.

For a while already; my practice is the backbone of my emotional and mental stability. Hence, I insist on a minimal effort to anchor yourself in the present.

My private retreats will be offered at the Mediterranean coast of Antalya/Turkey in August/September. We can meet up for Vibrance Wellness, Meditation 101, Feminine Way or Advanced Yoga and Meditation retreats at this little piece of heaven. Drop a line for more information.

For the ones who want to stay in for a while longer; our Online 200hr Meditation and Yoga Teacher Training Course accredited by Yoga Alliance will run until the end of 2020!

Now we have a 50% flash sale for the live cycle from Aug 26th to Sep 22nd; you can join this amazing course for 550 USD for this limited time!

Stay tuned for more online surprises coming up.


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