Take charge of your life – 14-day yoga programs of 15 min+

It has been 2 weeks since I hardly ever left the house. I am aware of the many doom scenarios and all. So, no big words of keeping cool. I am praying and practicing for the wellbeing of everyone; hoping that we will reach the light at the end of the tunnel sooner than later.

I also have to say that I have been enjoying myself big time so far.

It feels like a huge chunk of distractions are removed from my life for a while giving me space to calm down and deal with many pending issues requiring my patient and focused attention.

I think of my anti-hero Nicolai Hel from Shibumi; my all-time favourite character inspiring me to explore tantra and yogic disciplines. This terrorist-hunter with extraordinary skills and training was approached by some operatives for an impossible mission after being incarcerated for 3 years. In return of his services he would be granted his `freedom`. He responded `freedom I have, I guess you are offering me liberty`.

Freedom we have; even if we don`t have the liberty to be as out and about for a period. It is all a matter of what we do with this freedom. Spending it in fear, anxiety and dullness or making space and time for some `newness`?

Well, obviously I have the professional bias to first think about the path of yoga to `finetune` my life. Here I have a short and sweet yoga program that may open many new doors for you in different areas of life.

When I say yoga therapy people immediately think about their back pain or knee injuries but there is so much more that we can address using the tools in the right way.

I was always sceptical about online yoga tutorials. People can easily injure themselves. Therefore, when creating my online yoga program Yoga Therapy Pill, I decided to focus on short and safe practices also offering an alternative for anyone with physical limitations. Safety first!

Intermediary/advanced practitioners can join the version without props and add to their understanding of how to utilise different techniques for specific purposes.

You are all welcome to share your questions, suggestions and own nuggets of info/tips in the comments section. I am looking forward to learn from you and get new ideas on how to improve this platform.

In case you need some personalised attention, you can always book a private consultation. Enjoy your yoga program ♥

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