Feminine or Masculine Yoga? Free yoga program for emotional balance, depression and mood swings

I got super triggered by a post I read recently about how masculine many yogic teachings are being passed on by men for men and some schools/teachings dismissive to feminine believing that women have less access to spiritual liberation. 

I met many women on the path who blamed their lack of dedication to and perseverance in their practice on patriarchy. Also, many hedonists (men or women) who just wanted to do whatever they desired believing that it is their inner calling. True or not, it is their business. What I don't find OK is the senseless self-justifying blabber and projection on austere practices.

I guess in general I react to personal or collective perspectives and reality being argued as the truth. All these points and arguments usually make sense in their context. One can claim that women have a more difficult time in spiritual liberation due to their strong power of creation connecting us to the earth rather than beyond. However, this power also works as a natural potential propeller of absorption and flow. So, it is all a matter of perspective. 

Rather than arguing for or against; I rather share my personal experience. 

I was naturally drawn to practices and teachings which helped me to observe the polarity of nature and what happens when the dance of masculine and feminine is aligned. 

My masculine allows me to discriminate what is really a good school of thought for me; it gives me the discipline to persevere and actually reap the fruits of my efforts, to show the spine to say no if something does not quite feel right. My feminine allows me to receive whatever is offered, listen to the little messages of my body and mind as the moon and the earth, and life swirls around me and through me. 

I practiced a feminine flow of full surrender into every single sensation in my body while staying open to everything around me for hours and hours during very long retreats. That total surrender brought the stillness of the masculine. A very austere, forceful, masculine practice with similar intensity led me to the unfolding of love representing the feminine. 

I see no separation; but a dance.

We have our personal tendencies moving us to one form of practice or the other. I see the tendency in me to use the masculine shield to protect the vulnerable feminine; I need to create safe space for my feminine to come out and be. It is interesting to explore that. You can choose to follow the tendency full on or explore a challenge with the opposite tendency. If there is such a thing as the opposite. This polarity is a construct of our mind ultimately.

Here a FREE Online Yoga Program on Emotional Balance, which can help to connect to the feminine aspect of our being, let go of a bad mood and even help with depression or depressive tendencies; bringing some calm and sweetness into our emotional world. A gentle practice with some balancing, calming and at times slightly exciting postures which you can build up on by performing the techniques longer if you like. 

On my Yoga Therapy Pill platform, you will also find an adapted version with more props for friends with physical limitations. 

A new -and LIVE- free online offering is on its way. I have been fascinated by the power of synchronised meditations we offer during our 200hr Online Meditation and Yoga TTC at Samyama. I would like to offer this magic to everyone who needs some extra boost to integrate meditation into their lives. Stay tuned for more information!

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