Problems with fluid retention in your body? I have something for you!

May 21, 2021

My body needs exercise.

I have experimented with multiple types of sports but the only forms of exercise that actually stayed with me are swimming, dance and yoga asana. 

Because exercise for the sake of exercise is simply boring for me. 

I love swimming because of this deep sense of merging with nature through the water element while in motion. 

I am passionate about dance as a form of expression.

Yoga asana is way beyond stretching; it simply is a potent tool of manifestation and liberation if you know its secrets. 

I would never suggest that everyone needs the same level or type of exercise.

Each one of us have their own temperament and needs that need to be addressed and urges that need to be balanced. 

It is very common though that people who do need the exercise the most also slack the most; present company included. 😊

One of the specific conditions which require exercise to improve circulation is water retention, fluid retention or edema. Swelling in extremities, stiff joints, weight fluctuations, feeling sluggish and feeling bloated are some of the typical symptoms of fluid retention. 

They may be caused by hormonal imbalances, high salt intake, side effects of medication, protein deficiency or simply by standing in a position for too long. 

As I am preparing for a European summer, I would like to get rid of some of these symptoms myself. Here is a short and effective yoga program for fluid retention that works like magic! 

If you have difficulties with any of the techniques, please remember that I always try to provide variations. To replace the flow, you may try the chair variations in this video and opt for a longer performance of legs up the wall instead of the inversions.  

Much love


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