Sperm Count and Vitality Boost – 15 min Yoga Program for Male Fertility

February 8, 2021

Unlike popular belief, infertility affects men and women equally. I hear more and more cases of relatively young adults suffering from low sperm count and a lack of vitality/stamina. It can be very frustrating for couples to have major difficulties conceiving as we get more and more exposed to carcinogens, suffer from stress, have unhealthy dietary or lifestyle habits. Then frustration turns into the cause and there comes a vicious cycle. All these are important factors causing reproductive challenges along with alcohol consumption and smoking. 

Yoga and Ayurveda look into our subtle anatomy as well. The element managing our vital functions is called ojas; poetically described as the nectar of life force. All the external factors I mentioned; as well as our natural constitution we are born with effect the level of ojas. People who have a strong kapha constitution with solid and nurturing earthy qualities and flowing, rejuvenating watery qualities combined are usually lucky in this department.

Despite such genetic predispositions there are yogic and ayurvedic tips, that can significantly improve reproductive qualities for men and women. 

Here you will find a 15 min yoga program for men targeting increased vitality and improved sperm count. The practices introduced are very accessible and adaptable. If there are flexibility problems you can use the variations suggested. If you are already a solid practitioner you can stay longer in the postures. The specific exercises at the end for the pelvic muscles should be increased gradually and ALWAYS followed up by a relaxation as suggested in the video; either through breath and mental release or by simply staying in the suggested asana without performing the pc muscle contractions. 

There are several lifestyle adjustments that can be made but this mostly depends on your personal context. A `sattvic`; pure diet with nourishing foods such as organic milk, ghee (clarified butter) almonds, sesame, honey, rice and fruits is highly recommended. 

Please always remember; we all have our individual constitution and habits; best advice is to receive guidance accordingly rather than following generic advice. 

Much love ❤️


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