Mental Clarity - A Yoga Program for Mental Health

Wherever the mind goes the rest follows!

My new go-to-show is the Big Bang Theory now. I feel the need for this lightness and be inspired by brightness.

It is very easy to go to heavy places these days. If you happen to be there, it is totally fine; part of the life experience. I just want to remind you that sometimes it is just some habits that lead us there rather than the reality we are in. Some useful tips if you want to stay on the light side:


Ayurvedic knowledge suggests that sweet, salty and sour tastes increase the earthy, watery quality in us. As these elements are at the heavy end of the spectrum, we may want to add a bit more spice and leafy greens to our diet these days. Cut back on bread and pasta; go for rucula and apples (my personal favourites). Also, a good idea to avoid cold drinks; cold also makes us heavy.


Especially now we spend so much time at home it gets easy to postpone things. I remind myself our motto from mountaineering club at Middle East Technical University: a mountaineer never slouches. Nothing fancy; but well when you get lazy even about changing wet socks you may get frostbite. So, I try to apply the same principle; just not postponing things while giving myself still ample time to relax. Find your own motto from your life that gets you going.


The boss of the entire operation is the brain. The heaviness manifests in the mind in a dull, foggy and confused state. Therefore, I am suggesting a short yoga program for mental clarity. This brain yoga will help you to poke your grey cells and direct them to wherever they are needed.  You can find it on my Yoga Therapy Pill platform along with an adapted version for friends with physical limitations. 

Having said all this; it is OK to have a hard time with all that is going around. As a problem-solver by nature I like offering tips; but sometimes the best tip is to embrace what we are going through trusting that everything changes. 

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