Tantric Way of Dealing with Frustration

November 27, 2020

I am very captivated with tantra; particularly my work with the mahavidyas these days. We are still in the after-haze of the magnificent Kamalatmika Workshop and I couldn't help myself to start with Kali preparations already. 

This time it is not about sweetness and light but embracing anger and frustration. 

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Now getting back to my own PMS fun…

I felt very triggered by a recent conflict. Although nothing big and possibly aggravated due to the pandemic background to all the stories we are going through these days, it touched me and invited me to look into some pain points from the past related to bullying, abuse of power and feeling pushed out. When subjected to such behaviour, one can feel very desperate and helpless. When it is somehow ‘reminded’ slightly in another encounter, one can fall into the same pit totally irrationally. I have been there; hence the trigger.  

On the other hand, I also had to look at my vanity; the constant need for doing it `right`, feeling shocked, guilty and shameful when it is not the case. 

I am using strong words for a minor incident that obviously happened for some lessons to be learned. Though pain points usually have some very strong emotions buried under and somehow eased by time and carefully hidden behind some politically correct masks.

The first piece I started studying about Kali came with its own answers. Inviting me to own my anger; even violence that is hidden in the layers of my being instead of pushing it down as a socially unacceptable emotion. Kali, the queen of time stepped in right now and asked me to embrace it all so that love can find space to enter. 

A little bit of the tantra magic to brighten up the mundane experiences and gain some cosmic support to deal with the challenges… Some strong meditation and practices are waiting for you in the upcoming Kali Module of the Mahavidya Program to be released on 12-14 December, 2020

Stay tuned!

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