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Get access to my free Yoga Therapy Pill yoga programs online that are
- short & sweet; you can even do a sequence during a little coffee break at work,
- focused on specific yoga therapy topics for self-care,
- including adapted versions with props for beginners and friends with physical limitations,
- rich with knowledge on what works and why.
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I do yoga for the intimacy with my Self. No big stories there.

Yoga is also full of practical, efficient and accessible methods for improving our quality of life. Your practice can be structured to increase your mental powers, social charisma, manage stress, prevent bone degeneration… It is all about knowing how to adapt your yoga program.

If you wish to go any deeper and make it more personalised you can always book an online Private Consultation or a 30min online private Q & A.
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January 22, 2022
Is there a Feminine Way of Doing Yoga? Here is my take!

I entered the year calibrating my inner feminine and masculine during a personal retreat and dived straight into sharing the outcomes. All this inspires me to reflect on what the feminine way of doing yoga means to me. So here is what my take is on this popular topic.

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July 21, 2021
How about some yoga for men?

Why is yoga good for men? Contrary to the stereotypical image of a yoga scene full of women in fancy gear, traditionally yoga was more common among men. We yoga instructors even struggle sometimes with traditional texts which explain techniques according to the male physique.

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About Dijan

Hi, I am Dijan. 

As a Yoga Alliance accredited (ERYT-500) yoga instructor and certified yoga therapist I share practices from a wide range of yogic styles and methods; from vinyasa yoga to restorative yoga; from yoga nidra to raja yoga; from ayurveda to classical tantra. My teachings aim to provide ways to open up to life inside and out to serve oneself and others around.
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November 30, 2022
What does self-sacrifice look like?  4 signs of self-sacrificing

If you hear yourself saying these words; spot on!

Sign up now for my free masterclass  `Permission to Stop Sacrificing Yourself`; Wednesday 7th Dec, 8pm Bali time.

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What is the Yoga Therapy Pill?
Yoga Therapy Pill is an online therapeutic yoga program offering specialised yoga classes addressing a wide range of self-care practices for your health and well-being.

As a Yoga Alliance accredited (ERYT-500) yoga instructor and certified yoga therapist I share practices from a wide range of yogic styles and methods; from vinyasa yoga to restorative yoga; from yoga nidra to raja yoga; from ayurveda to classical tantra.
What does your yoga therapy program include?
Each yoga therapy program is dedicated to a specific theme, consists of yoga postures, breathing techniques, meditation and purification techniques. The practices are 10-20 min long; starting with an introduction to the core benefits, practice of techniques with detailed explanations and an adapted version with props for friends with physical limitations.
How does this fit with my regular yoga practice?
You can easily adjust your regular yoga practice by introducing this integrative yoga therapy approach or performing the therapy program of your choosing separately. Either way the effects of your yoga practice will be amplified with this focused approach.
You may also observe that many practices I share may already be in your hatha yoga practice or consist of some familiar postures and techniques. Yoga Therapy Pill may help you to develop adaptations of your regular practice for addressing specific needs; learning what to use when and how.
Will this heal my mental health issues or chronic pain?
Yoga therapy approach to health and well-being is holistic; enhancing mind-body connection. While a physical therapist beautifully guides your body towards healing of issues related to your anatomical structure; in yoga therapy we try to cultivate an understanding of ourselves as a unique composition of multiple layers from physical to emotional, mental and spiritual. All these layers are connected and yoga therapy approaches them holistically. Therefore, a very wide range of health issues are approached in this constantly evolving system.

The yoga programs shared can be a great resource for your targeted personal practice amplifying the benefits of yoga in your daily life. I suggest to opt for a private consultation for a holistic private yoga therapy program.

It is important to be aware that yoga therapy is a complementary healing modality and does not replace a medical treatment. Make sure that you consult your doctor for diagnosis and treatment of any health issues.

Be very mindful of your limits; never going into a forceful practice. All practices introduced should be performed with a very gentle attitude towards your body and mind.
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