Forever Young with Juicy Joints - 14-day Yoga Challenge

In my actively dancing years, I absolutely loved physiotherapy support systems like Alexander Technique and Feldenkrais to listen to my body`s needs. Yoga was more secondary due to all the stories out there about yoga teachers getting injured and having knee surgeries. Not a good sales pitch for yoga really…

I could also feel some resistance in my joints when I was practicing yoga at home on my own without proper guidance. So, I kept my scepticism and what made me embrace yoga later on was more the states of mind I experienced rather than the physical aspects.

Then I started deepening the practice with a very gentle yoga; the classical hatha yoga holding the postures static for a longer time and allowing the mind to explore the body in finding the most relaxed, aligned and comfortable place. I also kept using the knowhow from my earlier body work practices.

We are already putting lots of pressure on our joints due to our daily patterns of movements which are far from ideal whether we are aware of them or not. Who really sits with both legs on the ground and spine straight at all times? Or who is aware of the unnecessary compensation of joints when reaching out to get a mug from a high shelf? Or do you really keep your neck extended and relaxed every time you get up from your chair? I don`t think so…

Therefore around 30% of people suffer from joint issues; mostly knee pain.

That is why I insist on giving loving attention to my joints at least before starting my personal practice; it doesn`t have to be a full-on restorative yoga sequence.  Even a 5-10 min simple yoga program can make a big difference; also prepare you for a more athletic form of yoga for flexibility. My personal favourites are the joint freeing series of Mukunda Stiles and Bihar School of Yoga.

I am happily sharing a simple yoga program; Juicy Joints in my Yoga Therapy Pill platform.

There is also an additional online class including chair yoga poses as a yoga for beginners, seniors or friends with physical limitations.

What is Juicy Joints good for?

  • It will allow your joints to move in their full range; studies show that you need to move it not to lose it!
  • It will improve the lymph circulation, your body`s drainage system and therefore support your self-healing mechanism.
  • It improves the blood and oxygen flow into your joints.
  • It supports the flow of synovial fluid nourishing the cartilage. This way your motions become more soft and graceful.
  • By noticing if there is any tension in the protagonist or antagonist muscles connected to each joint, you become very mindful about the state of your physical structure. You can spot joints that are trying to compensate for contracted muscles or ligaments.
  • It is a great way to practice mindfulness and concentration to train the mind for deeper meditation.

If you want to prevent knee injuries or any joint pain; would like to support your body`s healing mechanisms especially in cases of arthritis, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis and other autoimmune diseases or simply prepare yourself for a long and deep personal practice, go for it!

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