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I am an empowerment coach helping accomplished women who are transitioning into a new way of living anchored into wellness, wealth and wisdom.

My Inner Contemplation Methodologies is a synthesis of several powerful modalities from esoteric east and scientific west I have studied and practiced over 2 decades.

Through experiencing both sides of this world; mystic and corporate, I have created a system to bridge ancient wisdom to modern life.
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March 18, 2024
Balancing Passion and Self-Care: My Battle with Burnout

Passion drove me to excel, but it also drove me to the brink. In the chaos, I found clarity. Join me as I share my journey from overwhelm to balance, and reclaiming my passion for life

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  • quote
    I was looking for a person like this in my life who would understand what I’m going through and would find ways to put me in the right direction and I think Dijan has done that. I’m leaving with a lot of lessons, insights, a lot of love and compassion.
    Aishwarya, lead-actress from India
  • quote
    I struggled with obsessively overthinking, regulating my emotions, self care, anxiety and becoming emotionally drained relatively easily.

    Working with Dijan I have developed a greater capacity to feel loved. I tend to intellectualize and argue every moment and every emotion. Dijan has taught me to think less with my head and to feel more with my heart. My life has transformed in major tangible ways since we met. I use Dijan`s methods every day and I believe I have grown tremendously as a result.
    Anonymous, lawyer from London
  • quote
    I originally sought Dijan out for feminine embodiment work. When I shared with her everything I had going on, she helped me with so much more. I learned some really great techniques and experienced mindset shifts to bring awareness to my energy blockages and openings, and work through trauma and unhelpful beliefs that were holding me back.

    A year later she helped me expand my consciousness to appreciate all things in life but discern what truly is worthy of my attention. I felt so held and seen with Dijan and am so grateful for her support and friendship in my life. I recommended her to my boss and she ended up loving working with her too! Dijan is simply an amazing woman to meet, work with and be supported by.
    Jasmine, mental health care provider
  • quote
    Dijan helped me put my modalities together in a way that feels really authentic to me, in a way that I know I can offer to my clients and give them the best of me, without questioning whether my product is worthy or not.
    Kerri, energy-worker from Australia
  • quote
    To me it was super intense to do the work with the heart. It was like a healing and I’m very thankful for that.
    Lisa, expert in a diplomatic mission from Germany
  • quote
    Dijan is an amazing soulful teacher, coming from the heart connecting on all the levels and not scared to really truly dive deeper.
    Within herself and also opening and holding the space for others to do so with her amazing support. I perceive her as
    strong and soft at the same time, and that is an art ♥

    Astrid, yoga teacher, the Netherlands
  • quote
    `Why I would recommend Dijan?

    Because in Tantra we work with powerful energies you have to be guided by someone who has a solid meditation & spiritual practice. 

    I watch her spiritual journey and she simply got that.`
    Irina, leadership coach, Russia
  • quote
    The work with Dijan is super deep. Transformative and have long lasting effect.
    Dijan is completely connected, aware and present and transmits the teaching with grace and love. Highly recommended!
    Ziv, Body Work Specialist, Israel



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