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This podcast is for you if you like to reflect on tantra, yoga, inner-work, meditation, wellness and self-development. Information, personal stories and micro-practices to look inward and do something good for yourself!


About Dijan

I am on a spiritual path for the last 12 years and one of the greatest sources of inspiration for me is experiences of other fellows on the path; no matter where they are on their journey. You may also need a bit of a spark and refreshing ideas; sometimes even re-affirmation of your experiences. This is why I am sharing about topics that stroke a chord in me and people I reached through my work so far. Tantra and yoga are experiential paths; so, I try to add a micro-practice every now and then to bring the mind back into the body. Looking forward to reading your personal experiences and questions in the comments section.

Latest Blog

20 March 2022

Do you need a booster to transition into a greater life? 2 powerful offerings coming your way!

By Dijan
It is beautiful to align with the natural motion of life; expansion and contraction. The culmination of Navaratri, the 9 nights of the goddess; an auspicious time celebrated at the change of seasons; the major transformation we all are going through. In the light of the coming wave of expansion, I would like to share two FREE offerings with you to join the ride and boost your transition into a greater life.
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27 February 2022

Looking for stillness in the eye of the tornado - Mahashivaratri

By Dijan
The great night of Shiva; a night where all the energies within move naturally upwards. A night where the mythology suggests that the Shiva and Shakti within; our inner feminine and masculine is balanced. A night that is also considered as an auspicious time to ask for the perfect external manifestation of the inner Shiva; your ideal partner; or improve your current relationship.
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