Forget Mercury In Retrograde… Now Is The Most Powerful Time For The Divine Feminine

September 24, 2022

What used to be a new-age cliche is now mainstream. Are things going south? Blame it on the stars. Do you feel like bumping your head on the wall in all your encounters? Mercury-retro for sure!

An amazing astrologer friend of mine used to say, `these are all opportunities, not labels fixing how we should be living our lives'.

I like that approach.

And I invite you to STOP giving away your power to outside forces that you don’t understand.

NOW is the perfect time in fact to move out from where you have been stuck; quit playing small or questioning yourself. Ancient wisdom is here to help you!

We are heading towards a super-power Navaratri; the most celebrated auspicious time marking the change of seasons. It is a unique occasion to align with the universal forces amplifying the effects of every little effort we put into our evolution.

I am inviting you to learn and utilize the tools of tantra to become empowered.

I used to start this process with a live talk or a masterclass but this year my calling is different.

I would like to do my own retreat using the mantra from my beloved Shivoham Tantra lineage and build up energy.

Then on the last days of the Navaratri hold the space for a 3-day Guided by the Goddesses free challenge for you.

You are welcome to join me and hundreds of us for a self-paced mantra meditation between the 26th of September and the 7th of October. We will be connected to the energies of the Goddesses Kali, Lakshmi, and Saraswati during this Navaratri. Just write mantra to and my team will send you the instructions.

Then between the 3-5th of October, at the culmination of the Navaratri, Guided by the Goddess free 3-day challenge will be streamed live on the 10 Wisdom Goddesses at 2pm GMT. Make sure to mark it on your calendar and join the private Facebook group to gain access.

Let`s do this!

Much love


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