Have You Really Met Your Pelvic Floor?

October 24, 2020

It is getting colder by the day and I am still taking my morning swim at the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean. Trusting the healing, purifying and nourishing effects of the water on all levels of my being will beat the chill. 😊

The flows of water have subtle healing effects on our sacral chakra, Svadhisthana, managing some of the pelvic functions. Very basic and essential life functions such as our body posture, breathing quality, sexual health, hormonal balance and elimination functions depend on it. Unfortunately, the statistics of the following related problems are scary!

- Urinary incontinence meaning not being able to hold the pee or too frequent urge to pee

- Sexual dysfunctions like pain, lack of desire and pleasure, erectile dysfunction

- Menstrual pain, irregular/excessive bleeding

- Prolapses of organs

- Postural problems and pain in sacrum

- Emotional problems and depression

The list can continue and gives plenty of reason to work on a healthy pelvic floor.

My new sharing on Yoga Therapy Pill is an amazing YOGA PROGRAM ON PELVIC FLOOR HEALTH which has a huge list of benefits for both men and women; incontinence issues, sexual dysfunctions, breathing quality and your overall hormonal balance will be well-supported by this program. 


This is the practice that shook me to my core. 

The type of experience when things are never the same again. 

A real and authentic experience of Tantra; using the time-honoured formula of Mantra (sacred sound) and Yantra (sacred geometry) of highest archetypes, the Great Cosmic Powers of Wisdom; Dasha Mahavidya`s. 

Finally, I have the time and space to introduce you to this work through an online platform; a workshop series consisting of 10 modules; one for each Mahavidya to be released on a monthly basis from November onwards. CLICK HERE

During the auspicious time of Navaratri; The Nine Nights of the Goddess between the 17th and 27th of October a special launch offer for my Mahavidya workshop series awaits: FREE access to the `Introduction to Classical Tantra` discourse and a special mantra for this Navaratri invoking Maa Matangi; the Goddess of Expression transmitted by the Shivoham Tantra lineage. 

This discourse and the very special synchronised Navaratri meditation joined by hundreds of practitioners will give you the kick start on this amazing path. Each workshop will open a new door for you in your life and your spiritual practice.  

Now let me share a little story with you about Navaratri:

Mahisasura; an immortal demonic force which cannot be slain by any man dominates the world. Gods helpless against him; their powers, spells or weapons obsolete. Desperately they beg the Great Mother to come for the rescue.

Maha Shakti manifests herself as the magnificent Durga charged with many weapons; thunders that strike, beauty that allures, void that absorbs. Durga annihilates Mahisasura in 9 nights and on the 10th day restores peace, balance and prosperity.

This victory is celebrated as Navaratri; The 9 Nights of Durga.

As all myths go; this is a story of our existence. As seasons change the world transforms itself letting go of the old and making space for new. We human beings as a part of nature go through our own transformation. On the surface it is the immune system adjusting to the new climate; the hair dropping its dead strands, emotions being stirred up. On the inside it is our dark side; our anger, greed, fear, jealousy, sloth fighting with the light, love and expansion.

This is one serious war we go through again and again.

It helps to get some divine support to spiral out of it with grace.

Looking forward to share this Navaratri Meditation with you between 17th-27th of October. If you wish to join this free offering just fill in the FORM.

Much love

A dear friend was telling me how well and balanced she is feeling now that she has entered her menopause. She feels that with the lack of libidinal pressure she actually enjoys her femininity much more making conscious choices and connecting with herself with much more awareness and compassion. 

Now with the different perception of aging as we are staying active well beyond our 60ies, women could spend close half of their life time in perimenopause and menopause. It would be a shame not to use the powerful yogic tools in alleviating the negative effects of this phase of our lives. 

For a very long period my clientele were men and women who were most likely in their first half of their life-time. Being their peers, I worked mostly with issues related to our "hormonal age" in those periods of life. Now I am enjoying a bigger diversity of different age groups which also gives me the possibility to dive deeper into my studies of modern research and esoteric knowledge accordingly. 

This yoga program will help with ridding yourself from some unpleasant symptoms like hot flashes, dizziness, depressive tendencies, fatigue, lack of concentration. It will support your body to adjust to the hormonal changes during perimenopause or menopause. A regular practice may even help you to avoid an external intervention with hormonal replacement treatment. 

I like keeping my programs on the platform short and sweet but feel free to spoil yourself with longer stay in restorative poses. Even for the ones who are very physical and used to exert themselves; I invite you all to relax into a more restorative practice once or twice a week for this specific purpose. 

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