Calling Mother Kali for Fighting my Battles

December 12, 2020

I feel the shaky grounds of transitioning. 

In my body; with the seasons changing and yet preparing to leave for a totally different climate. 

In my emotional world; having difficulty to let go of the comfort of isolating myself within the safe embrace of my family. 

In my mind; challenging yet again my discrimination in where I am putting my energy. 

On a higher level everything is how it is supposed to be and the contentment of that can be felt in my heart from time to time; as if that state is a ray of sun in between some grey clouds. 

My recent work with Mother Kali started with a great sense of liberation when She helped me to face my anger and frustration and own them.

Now it feels like a very slow dance on a cremation ground where I play happy tunes in my head zoning out the spooky. I know from past experiences that all that I am holding on to will dissolve into love if I surrender. Breath in, breath out…

This metaphor may sound extreme to the unfamiliar; Kali is known to reside on cremation grounds as they symbolise the impermanence in manifestation and helps us to let go of our fear from cycles of life. In fact, She is just helping us to shed our dead skin and invites us back to the fullness of being. 

On the 12th of Dec, a Saturday resonating with the planet of Saturn associated with Mother Kali, I will be creating a rice yantra to support the mantra meditation process of Kali Workshop between 12-14th of December. It is a beautiful opportunity to plant seeds of evolution into our psyche meditating upon the archetype of Time and Transformation. 

Hop in for a one-off Christmas/New Year offer of 99 USD! You will find a very rich content of discourses, powerful rituals, different forms of meditation, inspiring texts and artistic expressions of the Kali energy on my teaching platform; accessible for 30 days after sign up.

If these dates don`t work for you; you may attend the workshop anytime from these dates on. The live support will be given in private during a sync introduction and meditation session. 

You may also offer this workshop to a loved one as a Mindful Gift for Christmas/New Year

We as Samyama team are offering all our online retreats for a fixed special price of 99 USD in December. You can pick one for yourself or just send it as a gift to your loved ones; whether it is Meditation 101, a Mahavidya Program module, Spiritual Heart Silent Retreat or Vibrance Wellness Retreat.

Much love


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