Create a Spiritual Family - This TTC can be the first step

May 20, 2020

After 2 months of very introverted work and practice-oriented time, my feminine energy stepped in, pushed the breaks and reached out for connection. I had very profound exchanges with some beloved friends who are part of my spiritual family. 

Masters say that if we find ourselves in a deep spiritual quest together with some people; whether we are fond of them or not; we belong to a family. You may meet replicas of `your favourite aunt` or your `annoying cousin` there. Still these people in a way teach you how to love; how to let go of likes/dislikes and instead choose solidarity, support, authenticity and union; the latter being the definition of yoga. 

Bringing the morals and ethics of yoga (yamas and niyamas), putting time and effort into observing the fluctuations of the mind, going into deep inquiries about self ultimately start cultivating less reactivity and more acceptance. Or not. 😊 This is the journey. 

We dedicated this week of our 200hr Online Meditation and Yoga Teacher Training Course to service and connection; offering the fruits of our time and energy to the well-being of everyone using a special protection mantra against Covid-19 from Shivoham Tantra lineage. A beloved student`s words I shared above inspired me to express gratitude to my huge spiritual family all over the world. 

`In a situation where I felt I had no say, it is overwhelmingly powerful to feel like I am part of a strong positive spiritual group expressing healing.`

- Mags, MYTTC student from US

If you would like to join ours at Samyama Mindfulness Meditation Centre, our next Online Teacher Training Course accredited by Yoga Alliance starts on 25th of May. Our holistic approach offers yoga for beginners and depth for advanced practitioners. Drop a line for more details and have a peak into one demo class on my Yoga Therapy Pill platform. 

Sending you love and healing blessings.

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