Are you fighting the right battle?

Are you fighting the right battle?

It sounds like a question with an obvious answer but in fact, it is probably one of the biggest challenges preventing you from creating a life by design.

This episode; 'Stop Fighting the Wrong Battle: How to Align Your Life with Your True Values' on my youtube channel `Women Who Thrive` is the second of a series of 5 Golden Rules for Crafting a Life That Is as Rich Inside as It Appears Outside.

It became a guiding question in many quests especially when I feel a contraction inside; a feeling of doubt, overwhelm, fear, or anxiety. 

Sometimes those feelings are there because I am out of my comfort zone, things are shifting and I need to show up in resilience. I recommend listening to my previous episode "The Misunderstood Secret to Success: Why Resilience Trumps Positive Thinking" on the Women Who Thrive youtube channel on this. 

But I have also caught myself getting attached to an idea, project, or relationship just out of habit or the inability to face my fears underneath. 

Some paths are strongly established social constructs. I remember the conversations with my peers at high school close to graduation. Everybody seemed to agree on what the next steps are; which prep schools to attend, which tutors to hire, which internships to chase during summer breaks, which multinational companies to apply for, how many years to spend at what position, and then which smaller enterprises to select to resume with a senior position depending on how the promotions go.

Many of my friends selected that path and they indeed thrived. I am super proud of them.

For a multi-passionate person like me, it sounded like imprisonment. So I carved a different path and walked through multiple tracks. This choice gave me the unique ability to put myself in many different shoes and get what my client`s battle is about. I am grateful for this.

I also had to face many challenges and doubts along the way about not exactly fitting in. I always had a difficult time assuming a title or a position since that felt limiting. 

It wasn't easy. 

What kept me going was in my core I knew that I would be learning and exploring and evolving for as long as it took. 

The real change happened when I accepted my nature for what it is. 

Now I know that I am a multi-passionate entrepreneur. One of my biggest gifts is to inspire others and share with them ways of solving problems. 

Yes, it feels better to be able to put some socially acceptable words around it. Yes, it is hard to stand on a ground that doesn't exist. However, the fact is, ultimately there is no ground and everything can shift at any moment. 

I suggest you remember this R along the way to navigate; are you fighting the Right Battle!?

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