Is there a Feminine Way of Doing Yoga? Here is my take!

January 22, 2022

I am starting my year with a lot of emphasis on my feminine powers.

First an intensive self-retreat on calibrating my inner feminine and masculine around my business.

Followed up by starting a 3-months potent detoxifying diet to take care of my miraculous body from the inside on. I will share more on that later 😊

Then diving into my signature Feminine Way private retreat with two amazing women.

All this inspires me to reflect on what the feminine way of doing yoga means to me;

First of all, such a practice is about diversity.

My needs on a physical, mental, and even spiritual level are fluidic. By that, I do not mean flaky. By now you should know I am big on austerity and discipline when required. There is wisdom in this magical machinery and it takes a good ear to listen to it rather than following cravings or gratification.

The feminine quality in the practice is therefore not necessarily about the technique but rather in attuning with that wisdom. 

My feminine practice is very much heart-centered.

Whenever I find myself overwhelmed to `control` life, meet deadlines, or contain difficult emotions I feel a shrinking in my heart. There is almost a physical sensation on my breast bone. 

I know then my heart, where the Shakti resides is calling my undivided attention. Be it asana or a simple meditation on the heart; a practice aiding this connection becomes the top priority.

This approach calls for body positivity!

I do need to respect the needs and limitations of my body instead of pushing it in any direction. There are so many amazing gems in these teachings addressing specific needs for our wellness. 

The feminine way of yoga is not about our gender but about our approach. This is why I created two FREE programs; one for male and one for female 

anatomy and physiology on my Yoga Therapy Pill platform: Yoga for Men and Yoga for Women. Take your pick!

Last but not least my feminine practice is deeply nurtured by nature.

Sometimes what I need is a walk in a forest or by the sea; taking deep and rich breaths full of nature's healing power; Prana. Since my childhood, this has been the one underlying practice making me feel safe and connected. 

I hear many different approaches to a feminine way of doing yoga. I am very curious to hear yours. I would very much appreciate it if you could share your insights with me through DM, comments, or E-mail.

Much love


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