I think, therefore I am? Or not…

I think, therefore I am? Or not…

Rather not.

This dictum of Descartes, while beautifully encouraging us towards contemplation, might be a necessary condition of knowing yourself. However, it definitely is not a sufficient one. 

`Unveiling the Layers: Reality vs Truth for Personal Success` is an important and eye-opening conversation. It is the first step of any inner work. If you want any sort of significant change and evolution, you will need to wrap your mind around this one!

Our thoughts are shaped by our perception, our own reality. Reality is how we perceive life through the information we receive through our senses and how our mind processes it. As our perception is limited to our neurological functions, how can our reality be the truth?

Released on my Women Who Thrive youtube channel as the 4th `R` of `5 Golden Rules for Crafting a Life That Is as Rich Inside as It Appears Outside` series.

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