The Power of Relating: Building Connections for Inner and Outer Success | 5 Golden Rules

Masters of the past say we need balance in 4 realms of life for happiness.

Material accomplishment, pleasure, aligned purpose, and self-actualization.

My next conversation on the 5 Golden Rules for Crafting a Life That Is as Rich Inside as It Appears Outside is about the key to that balance: Relating

It first starts with relating to self. How is your physical connection with your body? How would you grade your level of wellness? How is your body-mind connection? My coaching work starts at this level to clear the way for deeper work. 

How are you relating to your emotions? Do you give yourself permission to feel the feels? Or are you overwhelmed by your emotions? A big part of my work is about getting to know this inner landscape, transitioning into the mindset, and relating to your mind.

Last but not least, do you feel connected to your higher Self?

Then the next level of Relating is your connection to others. The quality of this connection is one of the primary signs of our overall mental health. 

This conversation will provide you with some tools for self-reflection on relating. Check out on my `Women Who Thrive by Dijan` youtube channel!

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