4 Tips to Get Rid of Winter Heaviness

March 20, 2021

Yesterday a little bird entered my room while I was lying in my bed killing time on screen. This tiny little, precious thing whirled around a bit; trying to get out. The open sky and the shades of green seemed deceivingly close, but the bird kept bumping his head on the window glasses. 

I opened all the doors and windows, then stayed quiet so that this call from nature to `come out and play` could find its way out. 

I can relate to that deception. The open sky and the shades of green are close but I seem to bump my head against some invisible obstacles. 

I recognize these subtle signs of transition now. As the seasons change so do the needs of the body to adapt.

There is this urge in me towards lightness; almost like wanting to purge some load out of my system. I started to do more vigorous exercises, added some occasional yogic purification techniques to my routine and feel like doing even more. I am going out for nature walks more often.

What helps especially now is to eliminate the heaviness we collect throughout the winter. It may manifest as extra weight, lethargy, dullness in the mind or feelings of being stuck to a way of living/feeling/thinking.  

Here are some ideas to eliminate this excess kapha; earth and water element in our being:

  • Invite something new every day in your life for a little while. It can be something very simple from wearing a colourful shirt you kept in the corners of your closet to picking up a new hobby.
  • Keep yourself warm; cold temperature aggravates kapha. In case your central heating is cut early to prepare for spring you may want to take extra care.
  • Exercise! This is the most important way to eliminate excess kapha. I am sharing a 20 min Yoga Program that can shuffle your cells back to life on my Yoga Therapy Pill platform. 
  • Detox in a way that works for you. I suggest introducing a fasting day in a week. You can do a black fast or a vegetable juice fast on a fixed day every week. Alternatively, reduce some food items that you don't tolerate well. If you would like to do a more serious detox, I suggest to seek professional help. 

Wishing you a smooth transition into a new season.

Much love


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