Unblock the knot in the throat - Yoga program for hypothyroidism

This yoga program has been an integral part of my daily routine for the last 3 months. I am focusing my practice on vishudda chakra (throat chakra) and very happy to share these moments of intimacy with you on my Yoga Therapy Pill platform. Its effects have been extraordinary.

First let me put things into perspective; did you know that one woman out of eight develops a thyroid problem during her lifetime? Less in men but still a serious health threat for men as well. This free online yoga program not only addresses the thyroid glands and your hormonal balance but also helps to improve your expression. It will give more strength, truthfulness and harmony to your vocal expression and help you reach refined levels of artistic creativity. I have also included an adapted version with props for friends with physical limitations or as a yoga for seniors mini-program. 

You can also adapt it to your needs; the way I perform would be suitable for hypothyroidism. Keeping it more gentle with long exhalations and a slower-paced routine would be a good adaptation for hyperthyroidism. 

Now coming to how it affected my life especially during this period of isolation; Vishudda practice very much favours the princess in ivory tower mood. So, I resided happily in my personal cave while my energy level was super high. I didn't even feel like immersing into zoom calls and whatsapp chats. I simply enjoyed being in my own space. 

There is a constant and harmonious will to create and learn. A lot of procrastinated projects were swept off the table; within 2 months I finalized my new website, launched my youtube channel, created an online 200hr Meditation and Yoga TTC curriculum and launched it together with our amazing Samyama team; now working on its second edition and new online retreat packages to be offered as continuing education for yoga teachers and/or anyone who would like to enjoy a lovely retreat at home. 

The practice gave me a lot of clarity on what to put my mental and emotional energy in and what to let go. Vishudda serves as the bridge between the material world and the realms beyond. When this bridge is clean and clear, our acts in life are also more aligned with our Self; with our centre.

There is still a lot to explore around this level of consciousness; I feel like I am at a turning point where I need to dig a little deeper. Perfect timing to share this with you all and create a new momentum for the last round of my dedicated practice.

Hope you will enjoy it as much as I do.

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