Procrastinating much? 3 tips for igniting your willpower and a yoga program to seal the deal

I spent 2 days in `dolce far niente`; sweetness of doing nothing. 

And now I need to write about willpower. 😊

Love the irony of that. 

This is a coping mechanism I developed long time ago to balance my multi-tasking doer persona. When the system gets overheated, I hibernate! 

How to get back on track though? Or what to do if the overall tendency is to hibernate? How to come out of the rut?

It is practically a shift in your overall state of being, in your resonance that is called far. Some may have it naturally; but the good thing is willpower is a muscle to be developed for any of us. 

Yogis came up with a wonderful concept of austerity; tapas literally meaning to burn. You need to cook a bowl so that it doesn't let the water leak. So how do we get the heat up?

I would like to share 3 simple tips for boosting willpower. (Yeah, I'm playing the `n`tips-for-blah-blah blogger game now thanks to Saint Google. Still, keeping it real!)

Work the core

The fire in our system both in physical and mental levels is managed by our Manipura Chakra located in the core; navel area. Any practice involving its activation will help. Check the yoga program for Willpower and a Strong Core on Yoga Therapy Pill platform for a more targeted and energetically charged practice.

Delay gratification

Our choices may be dominated by the instant gratification urge; following the desires and cravings of the moment. Studies show that people who naturally had the ability to delay gratification have more success in their lives. Even if it is about resisting the voice inside telling you to make a sandwich while you are in the middle of reading a book or come up with all kinds of distractions instead of getting on with a mere 10 min yoga practice. Just committing to `after completing this chapter` or `I will do the practice now and not postpone it to next Monday` shifts something in our energy.

Take a tapas

Set a simple goal; time-bound, clearly-defined, relevant, doable with a gentle challenge. As simple as the 14-day yoga challenge I suggest on Yoga Therapy Pill. Start with committing only to 3 days if you like. Just set a goal and accomplish it no matter what. The great thing about this time-honoured practice is every time you reach a goal you set for yourself; no matter how small and simple it is, your willpower will grow. 

I wish you a peaceful and productive time in health and love.

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