Never a Dull Morning Again

Now that we spend some much time at home our energy will get heavier and duller if we don't shake things up a little. This is how it simply works. You need to stir the water to keep it fresh and alive; otherwise it turns into a muddy lake. Same principle works in our body and mind. 

Like attracts like; when we become sedentary all our desires and cravings will be towards making us even more heavy. You may notice your increasing appetite for sweets, pastries or fries more than before. Or feeling more like watching a movie and less like doing your daily chores. Especially for friends cooped up with their small kids between four walls those chores may feel really overwhelming. This beautiful occasion for developing intimacy with our loved ones may sometimes cause stress around our responsibilities. You may end up spending more energy to the negative feelings produced than the energy you actually need to reach the end of your to-do list. 

Awesome if you have the good habit of doing yoga at home. Watch out for the tendency towards yin yoga and restorative practices dominating. I love those kinds of slow and gentle practices; they are amazing. However, we do need different interventions at different times. During this global lock-down period, it is important to develop a morning yoga for beginners or advanced practitioners that will shuffle your cells up a little to bring clarity, lightness and joy. 

Even if it is a 15 min practice, I suggest to start the day with a gentle warm up for your joints, some vinyasa yoga, 1 or 2 standing yoga poses and a little bit of breath work to lift up your spirit. You will be surprised how the quality of the rest of your day changes both in terms of your productivity and the harmony in your relationships. 

There are amazing chair yoga sequences one can practice if there are some physical limitations. 

On my Yoga Therapy Pill platform I am sharing a 10 min yoga program to kick-start your day. You can also play with the yoga postures and breathing techniques introduced by hitting pause and practicing them longer. This way you will have turn it into a deeper daily practice and conclude with a 10 min final relaxation in Shavasana. There is also an additional free online class including chair yoga poses as a yoga for beginners, seniors or friends with physical limitations. 

I am happy to support you for tailoring your home practice according to your needs; just book an online PRIVATE CONSULTATIONS.

I wish you a wonderful, productive and peaceful time at home.

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